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MSR Trailshot Microfilter
    MSR Trailshot Microfilter
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    The Trailshot Micro Filter is a tiny water filter designed to be used to drink directly from the source and to refill bottles while on the go. With a flow rate of 1L/min you can quickly fill bottles and with its small size it can easily be stashed in a rucksack/running vest pocket or even a jacket or trouser pocket.

    To use the Trailshot you simply drop the end of the hose into your water source and squeeze the filter container to force the water through the filter. Your clean water is expelled through the nozzle on top of the filter. It's easy to clean in the field as it just require a few shakes to restore the flow rate should it drop. It will treat up to 2,000 litres before the cartridge needs replacing.

    As it is a Microfilter it does not remove all water bourne viruses. For this you usually use a chemical additive to kill the viruses..

    Trailshot Micro Filter Features

    • Pocket-sized and lightweight
    • 0.2 micron filter
    • Quick and easy to deploy
    • Simple to clean

    Customer Reviews of MSR Trailshot Microfilter

    MSR Trailshot Microfilter Review
    Verified Buyer

    Very very pleased with this filter on a recent trip to Corsica on the GR20. It's compact, lightweight and very quick to deliver filtered water into a bottle or even directly into your mouth. Although there were many places where using a filter may not have been strictly necessary, using one did give me total confidence, and due to its speed, it wasn't much slower than just dipping a bottle in the stream.

    The only niggle I had was with the push-on rubber funnel/cap. I dropped and lost this at one point, and although it continued to filter, the the funnel was greatly missed, as water was sprayed everywhere, much of it not ending up in the bottle. Thanks to excellent service from Will at Facewest, a replacement part was quickly obtained from MSR on my return.

    So due to the value-for-money, overall performance and customer support, I'm giving this 5 stars even after the minor problem with the funnel/cap.

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    MSR Trailshot Microfilter Review
    Verified Buyer

    Works great. Just as quick as my larger msr filter, but lighter, smaller, and seems more hardy. Folds up to the size of my fist which i really like for carrying. Easy to clean too as there's not too many parts.

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