Exped Vista Organiser


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Exped Vista Organiser

Exped Vista Organiser

The Exped Vista Organisers are tough transparent pouches with weatherproof YKK zips. The Vista organisers are great for documents, maps, first aid kits, money and small electrical items like digital cameras and iPods.

The zips provide quick access which is great for things that require repeated use. The Vista Organisers are weatherproof but NOT 100% waterproof (i.e. not submersible). Each Vista has a small security clip and a holed tab that allows it to be attached to a clip in a rucksack.

Sizing Information:

Size Dimensons Weight
Small A6 21 x 12 x 2cm 25g
Medium A5 29 x 17 x 5cm 40g
Large A4 37 x 23 x 4cm 55g

Customer Reviews of Exped Vista Organiser

from 24 Reviews

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Jolyon, 07/17/2018

I have the A6 version at 25g.It's one piece of kit I never leave behind when doing a long distance walk.I use it to keep my painkillers, foot tape, knife, soap, toothbrush and other hygiene gear in.

The material is really sturdy considering how lightweight it is.The zip feels high quality and has a tight fitting skin that seals it really neatly.Totally waterproof and has a little hanging hook on one end.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Ben, 01/13/2015

Must have for the small things you need or do not have to use every time out there. Water protected and visual it's easier to keep order and save time. Hardly any weight at all. I got the small one and it suites me perfect.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Peter , 01/13/2015

Excellent Organiser for storing important papers whilst travelling!

Unfortunately Facewest was out of stock of one of the items I ordered, but was credited with the refund without any hassle

Exped Vista Organiser Review, iain , 01/13/2015

This is the second one that i have bought. There are perfect for carrying important documentation whilst I have been away on School trips abroad. With a clear outside they allow me to see what is inside easily and without having to keep opening it. It was invaluable on a recent Scottish trip, when I used it to organise my food.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Dr G , 10/25/2014

Simply awesome bags - so much better than the standard zip-locks. I got the A4, A5 & A6 sizes (in decreasing size order). Typical Exped quality with strong seams & equally good at keeping liquids in or out - the luminous zip fob has also been useful countless times.The smaller A6 size is best for a wash kit. I like that it's see-through but not completely translucent - but maybe that's a personal thing.The A5 I use for bike tools, including gaffer tape, spare tube, cool tool etc. Whereas the largest A4 is excellent for non-waterproof maps, leaflets about accommodation & guides.I was wary initially as the thought does cross one's mind about why increase the pack weight with something that does nothing? but I've since found that I was wrong. They do do something - they keep stuff very organised (thus allowing me to find what I'm looking for, far more easily), dry (very important when touring), they're so easy to tell at a glance what's in them & so on.I know a lot of people have rated this piece of kit very highly & I just wanted to add my penny's worth, bc it's so very deserved. I hope they don't stop making them (although mine are still going strong!)

Exped Vista Organiser Review, ALEX , 09/13/2014

These are great for organising all the bits and bobs you might want to take on any trip, with the advantage that you can see the contents. Stuff easily into your rucksack and so far appear to be very durable. The A6 size is also great for keeping a compact camera safe and dry.Another quality Exped product.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Chris , 08/28/2014

I use this to keep my smaller items in my laptop bag and have a second I take out in my mountain bike bag.Nice and tough so sharper items don't get through thinner similar cases, yet the seethroughness is great.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Michael , 08/23/2014

Very useful bit of kit. Ideal for footcare/meds or just car keys.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Michael , 08/13/2014

The vista organisers by Exped are incredibly weatherproof, versatile and robust. The seems are taped and the zipper highly water resistent, and they have proved highly effective at keeping gear in my ruscksack dry despite torrential rain. I have a collection of different sizes. The A6 size is perfect for personal hygiene items when backpacking, and I use another A6 size for storing an external battery, USB charging equipment and MP3 players etc, and another again to store my compass, headtorch, firestarting kit etc. The A5 size I use for guidebooks, and will take up to three stacked, folded OS maps. The A4 size easily takes A4 pages without needing to fold the page to fit through the zip (the actual size of the pouch is larger than A4). This pouch is particularly useful for storing or transporting important documents or certificates when travelling.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Lukasz , 06/05/2014

I've got A6 size - perfect for a smartphone, documents, some cash, spare batteries for a camera. Would probably work as a small wash bag too. Very good quality, looks like it will last forever. Waterproof enough to survive 9 hours in the rain followed by snow (in the lid pocket).

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Johannes , 05/02/2014

I am the type who packs stuff in kits, I have my first-aid-kit, odds-and-ends-kit, avalanche-rescue-kit, personal-hygiene-kit, stove-kit, eating-kit and a couple more. The problem I had for a long time is that a dry-bag is to clumsy and a mesh-bag is to flimsy for a couple of my kits. The Vista on the other hand, is just what I need. It is light, solid, water resistant and just the right size.

I am buying two or three more of these in different sizes for my hygiene-kit and my books.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Steve Gurney, 08/11/2013

Bought the A6 and A5 sizes of these pouches and they are excellent. I used the A5 pouch to hold all the usual bits and pieces inside the top pocket of my day pack on a two week trekking trip in the Canadian Rockies. It was ideal for this purpose as the location of the zip at the very top of the pouch meant that items could easily be removed without extracting the whole pouch from my rucksack. The material is strong, waterproof and flexible. On a day of heavy rain the contents remained dry in the rucksack top pocket (no rucksack rain cover was used). The A6 pouch was ideal for holding a wash kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, hand sanitiser and tissues) on a recent three day lightweight backpack.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, David , 07/18/2013

It is very well made from robust and transparent PU material which allows you to see what has been packed. It is not waterproof but weatherproof it certainly is so it can be used to keep drizzle and splashes off to prevent damaging valuables. Highly recommended.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Ossi Kinnunen, 06/06/2013

I have purchased these pouches in different sizes.They have proved to be handy and durable.The smallest size is convenient for storing small items in a waist pouch or in a pocket of a pack. Larger ones are good for storing items in bags or in larger compartments of a pack. The zipper of the pouches is sturdy and easy to open. A great buy.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Karen Jones, 05/11/2013

I purchased a couple of A5 Exped vista organisers to organise my workbag and my camping daysac.They are flexible and lightweight and roomy enough for a large Leuchtterm 1917 notebook (with a little wiggling to get it through the narrower zip) with plenty of room for a large moleskin cahier, pack of post-it notes, pens / pencils and a 6 ruler.Well worth the extra money (previously I used a plastic wallet from Staples) for the durability.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, john clarke, 03/22/2013

I purchased both the A6 and the A5 size of the organiser bags. Although they state that they are not waterproof they are very water resistant. I use the A6 as a fast and light wash bag and the A5 for maps and guide books, but I do swap them around. I really like being able to see what is in the Exped vista organiser I think that is brilliant. They are very well made which is the norm with all Exped gear and the seams are sealed (and the top zip is waterproof) making them more water resistant than other pouch/organisers. All in all a fantasticwell made durable product top marks Exped.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Pontus Fagerudd, 02/21/2013

I have purchased 4 of these pratical pouches so far. They have a great working waterproof zipper, the material is rubberlike and didn't break in temperatures like -20°. They are good for protecting documents and books. One good us is to keep a pocket book dry in the A5 sized pouch when the tent is full of frost, or i can just put it in the snow outside my bivy when I have read enough and are ready for the night.

I also use them for storing food and various of small items that would normaly puncture thin fabric pouches.

The opening with the zipper is not as long as the rest of the bag, it could be longer to fit thicker books better.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Jim, 01/28/2013

After some initial use this seems to be an excellent product. I got the A5 and A6 versions. The A5 is working very well for my wash kit, plenty of space for everything I need for a trip, and the A5 for my wallet/phone etc. Although not fully waterproof the zip closes very well and is very solid, so I think they would keep water out pretty well. They seem very well made and robust, should last a while.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Scott, 07/02/2012

I have a couple of these bags/pouches and they're great. I use a A5 sized one as a toiletries bag, which is big enough to carry the usual suspects, including small bottles of shaving gel and aftershave, deodorant, tissues, earplugs, and even a mini comb. It's great to avoid any leakage in your suitcase, or if you accidentally drop the bag in the sink - or worse toilet!

I used to use the A6 as a medicine bag for trips, but found after cramming it full of sea-sickness tablets, pain killers, diarrhoea tablets and a box of plasters I couldn't get any more in. So I've now got another A5 size bag as that will fit bottles of tablets etc for longer, more out-of-the-way places!

I'm sure I'll find a new use for the A6 bag though :)

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Barry Thomas, 04/27/2012

I have been using the A5 size organiser as a wash kit holding for wild camping in hold all the bits needed to survive and keep clean and fresh in the wild. It's even big enough to hold the travel size wet wipes and a small hand towel. All my small travels bottles fit nicely inside the organiser including the small deodorant bottles. Added feature of the organiser being weatherproof means that any spills or toothpaste explosions are contained inside. This is a very useful item and has endless uses for any outdoor enthusiast. A great buy would defiantly recommend.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, David Aldridge, 04/21/2012

I have two of the A6 size pouches. One is in permanent use as a wash bag. This is an ideal application as it has the bonus of not only keeping moisture out, but not having to worry about leakage of toiletries inside getting into my backpack. I use the other mainly for camera accessories - filters, lens cleaning bits & pieces etc and is excellent for this purpose, as the contents are much easier to access compared to a normal dry bag.

The pouch is made of tough material with a good quality zip and I expect both of mine to last a long time. Drybags are OK for clothing and soft items, but the material used on the Vista appears a superior prospect when packing sharp-edged objects.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Denes Bisztray, 04/18/2012

This is a brilliant piece of kit for three reasons:

  • The material seems really hardwearing
  • It is not flat like those map-cases (A5 size), it can fit books
  • the zipper glows in the dark!

Otherwise it is a zippered waterproof sack. I can recommend it.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, Jonathan Herbert, 03/14/2011

Bought the A5 version for storing notebooks, documents, spare maps etc. when away cycling/camping. I used to use a waterproof map case but always thought it was a little over the top. This product is ideal for what I want it for - to keep paperwork dry whilst in a pannier/around the tent, then put in a rucksack or just carry to the pub/restaurant to write in journal/review maps at the end of the day. They're well built - you'd have to work hard to damage them - and despite not being 100% waterproof (i.e. the zip would leak if you submerged it) they are weather resistant enough for most situations. Very well made, good value, useful product.

Exped Vista Organiser Review, El-Jack, 04/22/2010
Bought to hold my passport & other sensitive documents whilst abroad.It does the job very well, and can hold quite a bit more than I expected. The construction is impressive, whilst the zip is bulky it seems necessary for being very water resistant. I've only given it a slight test under the tap but there was no water ingress. Great lowprofile size makes it easy to stuff documents by your hydration bladder, the base of the pack, anywhere you can wedge it really and not have to worry as much about water or tearing.Only fault is that they retain shape a bit, which can be a bad thing when packed crunched and then used to hold more sensitive documents. Store them sensibly and this won't be a problem.

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