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Welcome to our range of avalanche airbags.

We recommend you first read our articles which will help you decide the most appropriate pack / system for you.

Airbag Information

We also have a range of other ski and snowboard specific packs which don't feature an Avalanche Airbag system: Packs without airbags

Avalanche Airbag Packs and Accessories

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Ortovox Ascent 40 Avabag
Ortovox Ascent 40 Avabag £639.00 , Saving 10%
Largest Avabag pack available, ideal for multi day tours. 2.67kg.
Ortovox Free Rider 22 Avabag
Ortovox Free Rider 22 Avabag
£616.50 , Saving 10%
Freeriding/backcountry airbag pack with back protector and Avabag system. 2.44kg.
Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag
Ortovox Ascent 30 Avabag
£616.50 , Saving 10%
Touring airbag pack with the Ortovox Avabag airbag system. 2.17kg.
Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag
Ortovox Ascent 22 Avabag £598.50 , Saving 10%
Compact avalanche airbag ideal for day tours. 1.95kg.
Ortovox Avabag Cartridge Carbon
Ortovox Avabag Cartridge Carbon £121.50 , Saving 10%
Carbon cartridge for the Ortovox Avabag. 310g.
Ortovox Avabag Carbon Cartridge Refill
Ortovox Avabag Carbon Cartridge Refill £15.00
Refill service for the Ortovox Avabag carbon cartridges.