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  • Poc Cornea £165.00
    Poc Cornea

    Cylindrical lens with superb vision and strap outriggers, Cat.2.

  • Poc Lobes £160.00
    Poc Lobes

    Spherical lens for exceptional vision providing wide field of view, Cat.2.

  • Poc Retina Big £145.00
    Poc Retina Big

    Large lens for absolute optimum vision with choice of lenses, Cat 1-3.

  • Julbo Universe £144.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Universe

    Minimal frame with a choice of spherical lenses, cat. 1-3 or 2-4.

  • Julbo Luna £130.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Luna

    Smaller womens performance goggle with photchromic lens, Cat. 2 to 4.

  • Julbo Revolution OTG £126.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Revolution OTG

    Specifically designed to accommodate a pair of glasses, Cat. 1 to 3.

  • Julbo Revolution £117.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Revolution

    Photochromic lens with the option of polarization, cat 2 to 4.

  • Julbo Tensing Flight £99.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Tensing Flight

    Hybrid eye ware, comes with photochromic & polarised lenses, cat. 1-3.

  • Julbo Ultra £90.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Ultra

    Trail and biking glasses with a flexible Zebra Light lens Cat 1-3, 20g.

  • Julbo Visiere Sniper £90.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Visiere Sniper

    Visor style goggle with 3 interchangeable lenses, cat. 0-3 .

  • Julbo Explorer L £85.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Explorer L

    Designed for intense light with either a mineral or polycarbonate lens, cat 2-4.

  • Julbo Planet £85.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Planet

    Superb all round goggle with spherical Spectron lens, Cat. 3.

  • Julbo Explorer Sunglasses £63.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Explorer Sunglasses

    100% UVA, B & C protection from these mountaineering glasses.

  • Julbo Pioneer £58.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Pioneer

    Stylish spherical lens goggle with tough polycarbonate lens, Cat.2 or 3.

  • Julbo Drus Glasses £54.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Drus Glasses

    Rugged Cat. 4 eye protection for mountaineers.

  • Julbo Plasma £40.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Plasma

    Cylindrical lens goggle ideal for mountaineering with yellow or clear lens.

  • Julbo Colorado £36.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Colorado

    Light Cat.4 eye protection with removable side shields.

  • Julbo Tensing £31.50 Save 10%
    Julbo Tensing

    Maximum protection with wrap design, choice of Cat. 3 or Cat. 4 lens.

  • Julbo Sherpa £27.00 Save 10%
    Julbo Sherpa

    Lightweight mountain glasses with removable leather side shields, Cat.3.

  • Dakine Goggle Stash £16.20 Save 10%
    Dakine Goggle Stash

    Fully padded goggle case with lens sleeves.

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