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A good review covers the products specifics and features, good or bad. Rather than "I like it" we would prefer "I like the weight and feel of the jacket, the chest pocket is however a little too small to be really useful". The review should help those who read it know more about the product. We may reject reviews that are too brief or uninformative or if you did not purchase the product from us. Feedback on our levels of service are always welcome but these are mainly product reviews. Please see below for examples of good and bad reviews.

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Example of a good quality review is:

I am a keen mountain walker in the Scottish hills. I am about to undergo my mountain leader course and need accurate altitude measurements to aid navigation. The Suunto core was my main choice.

The Core is a lovely looking watch, light and comfortable to wear. The face looks large however I have quite a wide wrist so it does not look out of place. I originally had a G shock and found the smaller digits on this watch difficult to read. The Core has clear large LCD digits.

Plus points. Reasonable cost, comfortable, looks good, large main characters in the centre of watch, good company service record, user replaceable battery, Nice use of animated log for barometric pressure readings, peace of mind having a storm alarm on your wrist.

Minus points: The instructions that come with the core are not comprehensive enough. I had to use a combination of youtube clips and download the PDF from Suunto to find out how to use some of the functions. The barometric trend indicator is very small and difficult to see.

Example of a poor quality review is:

FYI: this watch is ace, innit. LOL.