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Wild Country Ropeman 2
    Wild Country Ropeman 2
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    The Wild Country Ropeman 2 ascender is the updated version of the much trusted Ropeman Mk2. It does exactly the same job but now has Hot Forged side plates that have much nicer handling.

    The Ropeman 2 is designed for use on thinner ropes than the Ropeman 1, as thin as 8.5mm. Though it works just as well on thicker ropes up to 13mm. This is achieved with a spiked stainless steel cam that looks pretty aggressive but actually has less wear on the rope.

    As ropes got thinner then the Ropeman became less useful as it's horizontally toothed aluminium cam is not UIAA rated for ropes less than 10mm. So Wild Country developed a stainless cam with small spikes that when tested came up to UIAA standard for ropes down to as little as 8.5mm.

    Wild Country Ropeman 2 Features

    • Stainless cam
    • Rope diameter 8-13mm
    • 3 Sigma rated
    • CE EN567, UIAA 126

    Customer Reviews of Wild Country Ropeman 2

    Wild Country Ropeman 2 Review
    Owen Merrick
    Verified Buyer

    I purchased this little device for carrying on ski tours and climbs in glacier terrian. As a progressivecapture device it has many advantages over the traditional prussic loop. It grips the rope with a more positive grip thanks to the spring. There's less friction, something which you need to keep out of your system. They are very light and small so don't get in the way hanging from your harness. Having a progressive capture device with a pulley wheel would be slightly better but they are heavier and more expensive, so as always it's a trade off.

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