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Wild Country Ropeman 1
    Wild Country Ropeman 1
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    The Wild Country Ropeman 1 is the revamped Ropeman Ascender. Now it is made with Hot Forged sideplates but in use it is exactly the same. Originally designed as a replacement to Prussiks it soon became apparent to mountaineers and climbers that this small and light piece of kit had a variety of uses. In fact Alpine guides use them in conjunction with bolt belays to protect their clients.

    This, the original Ropeman, was developed when climbers used ropes generally thicker than they are today, and as such should only be used with single ropes of 10-11mm diameter.

    This left Wild country with a dilemma when ropes started to get thinner and that's when they developed the Ropeman 2, which is for use with ropes down to 8.5mm in diameter.

    Wild Country Ropeman 1 Features

    • Alloy cam 7075 T6
    • 3 Sigma rated
    • Rope diameter 10-13mm
    • CE EN567, UIAA 126

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