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Wild Country Pro Guide Lite
    Wild Country Pro Guide Lite
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    The Wild Country Pro Guide Lite is a weight saving belay device with the added benefit of a guide mode. The Pro Guide Lite is smooth and simple to operate making it versatile and ideal for multipitch rock and winter routes alike.

    As a standard belay and abseil plate it works perfectly and is suitable for ropes from a 7.7mm diameter up to 11mm. The braking slots allow you to vary the friction on the rope to provide more or less dynamic belays - particularly useful if your partner weighs a bit more than you. On long abseils the greater surface area of the plate means it dissipates more heat than conventional designs. Added to this it doesn't twist or tangle the rope, making multiple abseils efficient.

    The Wild Country Pro Guide Lite comes into its own is on multipitch climbs where one climber is taking most of the leads. To bring up a second the leader can rig up an autolocking, direct belay that can be used one handed. For guides this also allows two seconds to be bought up at once in safety, saving time and letting you get more climbing in.

    Wild Country Pro Guide Lite Features

    • Ultra-light design
    • Hot-forged aluminium
    • Efficent breaking slots
    • Karabina release function
    • Oversize karabina hole to allow complete karabina rotation
    • Guide mode compatible
    • Flexible cable leash


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