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Thermarest Down Pillow
    Thermarest Down Pillow
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    • Thermarest Down Pillow

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    The Thermarest Down Pillow is a luxurious yet packable and lightweight pillow perfect for those who want practical comfort when on the go. Inside the pillow is 650FP Nikwax Hydrophobic Down giving excellent insulation which won't suffer from damp conditions. It also has a large rear section which can be stuffed with clothing and cinched up to give a larger, deeper pillow.

    Thermarest Down Pillow Features

    • 650FP Nikwax Hydrophobic Down
    • Soft outer material
    • Cinchable area to stuff further padding
    113g / 166g

    Customer Reviews of Thermarest Down Pillow

    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer

    Pack weight is important. However, I don't know of anyone who has failed to summit an alpine peak or failed to complete a multi-day challenge because of an extra 150g (ok 158g) in their pack.

    Sleep is important. I do know of people who've failed to summit or failed to complete a trek because of lack of sleep.

    I know that I sleep better when I have my head resting on my own pillow (when sleeping in a bed or in a bothy) - it feels more hygienic (other peoples dirt and germs are far more unpleasant than mine after all!) and it feels familiar. Until recently the camping pillow options were poor - heavy, lumpy things that felt little better than a folded softshell.

    Times have changed - this Thermarest Down Pillow is perfect - it allows a degree of personalisation that means that you can get it just right for you (perhaps by combining it with an inflatable pillow or that old fleece you keep in your bag for emergencies).

    Buy one. Sleep well.

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer

    This is a good little pillow, ideal if you want that little bit more comfort to your sleep outdoors.

    The things I like about it; It compresses reasonably small (I bought medium size which seems perfect between size and weight). The fabric it's made from is nice against the skin.

    I think I have a better nights sleep since buying it. It's proper down so its soft, fluffy and maybe even keeps your head ever so slightly warmer.

    The things that could be better: It doesn't give a lot of support on its own so it needs to be combined with an air pillow ideally for added support. Look at it as a pillow topper more than a pillow in its own right. For an ultralighter its heavy in a medium at 157g. It's not the end of the world to me. I'd rather the additional comfort but there are lighter alternatives out there but I doubt they give the same comfort.Be careful with the drawcord. It isn't that strong and I popped a couple stitches on mine pulling it too tight. I also think the baffle could be larger to do a better job at holding stuff like clothes.

    My biggest disappointment - no stuff sack!!

    All in all though I would recommend this product as an addition to an air pillow.

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer

    I bought this pillow to use for sleeping on my yacht since the berth is too narrow for a standard size pillow. For that reason a chose the medium size, but when it arrived I was surprised at how small the package was! Fortunately it does fluff up a lot when you release the draw-string; however really I should have chosen the large size - so that's why I've only given it 4 stars.I'm using it within a yachting sleeping bag which has a water-proof outer shell and fleece insulation layers.If using normal camping gear you would need to ensure the pillow's down filling stayed dry!

    Otherwise it is excellent for a light-weight compressible camping pillow.Other camping pillows I've tried have been very poor; they tend to soon become lumpy - in fact no better than using some clothes in a stuff bag. This pillow is much better than that, it's really soft.But even at home I normally only use a single pillow, if you are used to sleeping on two pillows you will find that, being compressible, this pillow will probably seem too thin.If that is a concern you could use the draw-string ( which is in a sort of skirt on the underside of the pillow ) to hold a fleece or something similar beneath the pillow to bulk it up.The result would still be more comfortable than just using clothes in a stuff sack.

    In summary - by far the best camping pillow I've found, but do pay attention to the size!

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent - comfortable fabric, lovely squishy down filling, compressible and the pull-cord compression allows you to bulk the pillow out with a folded up jumper and hold it in place.Great for camping, long plane/train trips, etc... I have one in the pack and one in the campervan, and my wife uses hers every week for work travel/hotels.

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer

    I bought this to have a compact pillow. It is very compact and light, which is good.The down makes it very comfortable. The only thing is that it is quite thin when you put weight on it, so I will need to put clothes under it to bulk it out. The drawstring makes it easier to keep the clothes in place.

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Verified Buyer
    Beckenham, Kent

    I loved this pillow I bought the medium and it fitted nicely inside my sleeping bag. I paired it up with the thermarest inflated pillow. Gave great support with softness for my neck. For me this is important as I easily get neck pain or have difficulty sleeping if I am completely flat. Combined weight was very reasonable as we were camping not trailing. Folds down to very little, taking up very little space.

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    Thermarest Down Pillow Review
    Sonia Quintero
    Verified Buyer
    Thornton Heath

    I found this pillow a really good complement for my Thermarest mat. I used that for my last cycling trip for more than two weeks, and I didn't have any neck problem at all. It was comfortable, light,easy to store, actually I store it with my sleeping bag, so I didn't have space problem with that during the trip.

    A pillow is more that a luxury thing in long trips by bike and I can advice with total confidence this pillow like the best I have tried.

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