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Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth
    Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth
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    The Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth is a sports and outdoor watch with an integrated optical heart rate monitor and barometer. The addition of the Barometer on this version of the Sport Wrist HR means that it will give a more accurate altitude reading which doesn't require a GPS fix. It also means that the watch includes a storm alarm as it can monitor pressure changes over time. The other addition to this version is a thermometer.

    The Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro features a great looking colour touch screen which not only gives a great visual presentation of the data recorded during your training but allows for easy control much more akin to using a smart phone than a watch. It does still have 3 buttons which are used as in-action controls. It also includes Bluetooth connectivity to allow it to connect with a smart phone. The Sport is also a bit slimmer than the Ultra, so it will sit a bit more comfortably on smaller wrists, the downside to this is that the battery is smaller so it won't last as long as the Ultra. The glass mineral crystal glass, the bezel and buttons are steel and the Silicone strap is black with a black buckle.

    The addition of an integrated industry leading Valencell PerformTek optical HR monitor offers convenient daily heart rate monitoring without the need for a chest strap. Useful if you prefer running without a chest strap or for 24/7 heart rate monitoring for accurate recovery measurement. For more demanding conditions when you will be wearing the watch over clothing or while swimming the Spartan Sport Wrist HR is still compatible with Suunto's Smart Sensor.

    The Sport Wrist HR Baro has a full set of sports features with only the bike and swim lapping features missing, though some of the training logbook features are only available to view on Movescount rather than the watch itself. It comes with a set of predefined sports modes which you can select for your chosen activity so the watch records the specific data set for that sport. This will be fully customisable with a future software update so you can create new sports modes if there isn't a preset which has everything you need. The Smart Training Insights functions allow you to see in detail where you are performing well and where your performance could be improved.

    Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro Stealth Features

    • Outdoor grade colour screen
    • Touch screen with 3 buttons
    • Valencell optical HR monitor
    • GPS
    • Pressure display
    • Fused Altimeter
    • Temperature display
    • Storm Alarm
    • Compass
    • Mineral Crystal face
    • Stainless Steel Bezel
    • 100m water resistance
    • Pre installed sports presets
    • Smart Training Insights
    • Personal Best Recognitions
    • Peer Group Comparisons
    50 x 50 x 17mm
    Battery Life:
    10 hours with Full Power 1sec GPS fix rate delivering best GPS accuracy
                              (up to 40 hours with power save options)


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