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Silva Race S Jet
    Silva Race S Jet
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    The Silva Race S Jet compass is a competition quality orienteering thumb compass available in left and right hand versions. Thumb compasses, used by orienteers, are increasingly used by adventure racers as they allow a compass to be carried for quick constant reference without occupying one of your hands. The design of the baseplate also allows you to 'thumb' the map which means keeping the point of the compass baseplate on your location all the time for quick relocation after a stint of running. Jet needles are extremely stable even when running and very fast dampening.

    So each time you slow down to check your compass you save a few seconds where you don't wait for the needle to settle. Jet needles are also wide and luminous for easy reading. The 6 Race S Jet does not have a rotating bezel but the Spectra systems does allow for rough bearings to be used. When taking a bearing off the map, join current location and destination with travel arrow as usual. Orientate map, compass and body so travel arrow points in actual physical direction of travel.

    Choose which hand you wish to wear your compass on. Left handed compasses are generally preferred by Right handed people and vice versa but it's really up to you.

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