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Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml
    Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml
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    The Primus Vacuum Commuter mug is a BPA free stainless steel insulated mug, that does away with fiddly handles and lid and provides a great thermos mug for your car or bike. It has a powder coated stainless steel finish making it really tough and a mug that will last for years.

    The screw on lid has a simple yet effective push button system to keep your drink from spilling and because it uses silicone seals rather than a hole cover you can really slosh the cup around. The narrow base of the mug means it also fits into car cup holders which many thermos mugs do not. The shape of the mug means it will also fit into a bike bottle cage for those that cycle to work but still need their coffee.

    Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug Features

    • Stainless steel
    • Vacuum insulated
    • Fits in car cup holders and bike bottle cages
    • BPA free
    • Silicone seals ensure no spills

    Customer Reviews of Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml

    Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml Review
    Verified Buyer

    These Primus commuter mugs are perfectly designed. They keep the liquid very hot for a long time period and are robust and easy to clean. The drinking and sealing mechanism operates well. On a 2 1/2 hour car journey the liquid has no perceivable loss of temperature.

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    Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml Review
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent product. Have tried similar products in the past but they all do not keep drinks hotter for longer than the Primus. This is my secondone and received in very good time. Fully recommend.

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    Primus Vacuum Commuter Mug 400ml Review
    Verified Buyer
    High W

    Firstly I have to admit to being a massive fan of these mugs (everyone in the family has one and they all love them) and here's why:

    1. The drinking lid is perfect for commuting travelling, no more carefully pour out, just drink straight from the flask.
    2. The button on the lid is genius and easier to use even when using gloves
    3. As long are the top is done up tight and the button is off then these mugs never leak
    4. They keep your drink hot for up to 3 hours and nicely warm for up to 5 hours
    5. WARNING - They keep drinks too hot for a short commute so need to add cold water for immediate drinking!
    6. The Stainless steel body is very robust, nothing to break even if dropped (My kids take them to school every day in winter and if they can survive their school bags they can survive anywhere!)
    7. Easy disassembly for cleaning and dishwater safe.

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