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Primus Litech Frying Pan
    Primus Litech Frying Pan
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    • Primus Litech Frying Pan

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    The Primus Litech Frying Pan is a tough and light frying pan ideal for backpacking, especially for 2 or 3 people. Easy to use with a folding handle and net storage bag.

    Litech is an ultra-lightweight, hard anodised aluminium, with a surface harder than stainless steel. It has a non stick finish for cooking. Litech also has an extremely even surface, with very shallow pores so there is little space for bacteria and dirt to collect in. Making it more hygienic than ordinary cookware and easier to clean.

    Width - top:
    Width - base:

    Customer Reviews of Primus Litech Frying Pan

    Primus Litech Frying Pan Review
    Ilze Zebolde
    Verified Buyer

    The Primus Litech Frying Pan is a TOUGH and light frying pan IDEAL FOR BACKPACKING.

    Litech is an ultra-lightweight, hard anodised aluminium, with a surface HARDER THAN stainless steel.

    1 week of use and it's bend it. It seems not to be that hard, neither that good for backpacking.

    I carried it in my panniers for one week and it was bend it, it's not round anymore. I didn't put any heavy items over it, I avoid any big pressures over it, but if you pack it and carry with it you cannot avoid it completely. And you shouldn't need it.

    Apparently it is the normal thing with aluminium, as Facewest said me, so it's not useful for me and it was 20 pounds thrown directly to the trash.

    Facewest note: 'harder than stainless steel' refers to how easy it is to scratch the surface of the pan, not how easy it is to deform. The small deformity Ilze experienced was not a warranty issue - as with any pan, especially lightweight aluminium, pressure on the sides whilst packed will deform it slightly. It did not make the pan unusable and unfortunately this is a trade-off necessary to reduce the weight of backpacking pans.

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    Primus Litech Frying Pan Review
    Mike Forsyth
    Verified Buyer

    I have a Jetboil so looked immediately at their frying pan - reviews were poor though and it was also difficult to get hold of and it was expensive. Other reviews suggested this so I thought I would give it a try - works perfectly.I already have the pan adaptor for the Jetboil so if you don't have that you would need it too.

    The pan has a folding handle which sensibly locks and unlocks by squeezing it in and out of catches. Pan is light and non-stick, deep enough for large omelettes and stir fry's and seems robust from using it so far. Fits in my kayak hatch along with my Jetboil stove and I am sure it would fit in my rucksack at a pinch for a fry up when Munro bagging. It has its own bag.

    All in all worth trying. Just need to get some good recipes for the food to put in it.

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    Primus Litech Frying Pan Review
    Kirsteen Kelman
    Verified Buyer

    This is a great frying pan, I was thinking about getting the gourmet one as I thought it would perform better but this pan is excellent, no regrets.It is a great size and fries a steak perfectly, keeping its heat really well.It is nice and light too.So pleased!

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    Primus Litech Frying Pan Review
    Kris Fowler
    Verified Buyer
    An excellent pan.
    I bought this to replace the Jetboil Fluxring pan which turned out to be rubbish and it's been a joy to use. The non-stick is fantastic and it takes hardly any washing up (having cooked the same food on both).
    It's the perfect size for cooking a decent meal and still fits fine in a pannier. The handle locks solid so you can saute and flip pancakes. The lack of a fluxring/fuel efficient base really isn't an issue as the pan heats up right away.

    Strengths:Non-stick is great.Almost no washing up needed.Light and good size.Handle locks solid.Price.

    Weaknesses:None so far.
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    Primus Litech Frying Pan Review
    joel riley
    Verified Buyer
    I must say this really is a fantastic frying pan, I even use it in my kitchen at home! It is completely non-stick, which makes it a great deal easier to clean in a lake. It's also very light to carry, and has high enough sidewalls to make an extremely thick omlette, or even a broth in. The handle is good, can be set in two positions and firmly locked in place.
    The only downside I have found with this pan is that it gets very sooty when used on an open fire (although all pans do that).All in all a very sturdy frying pan, easily big enough to fry 2 eggs (or a broth), lightweight, easy to clean (although not the outside), good handle. I will be taking this on a very long trip with me as it is fantastic! its a little pricey, but I reckon its really worth it.
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