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Pieps DSP Sport
    Pieps DSP Sport
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    Best For

    Those wanting a straightforward digital unit with masking.

    The Pieps DSP Sport (Digital Signal Processor) is a 100% digital, 3 antenna avalanche transceiver designed to be accurate and easy to use.

    The Pieps DSP Sport transceiver uses digital processing to offer transceiver counting and marking functions but not the other more complex functions of it's big brother the DSP Pro.

    Standard Search

    When the Pieps DSP Sport detects a signal it gives the approximate distance to the victim and the direction in which the searcher needs to turn. By following this constantly updating information a buried person can be located. In this respect the DSP Sport is very similar to other digital transceivers. See the video for a simple demo.

    Digital Signal Processing

    The Pieps DSP Sport has more advanced features for multiple burial situations. The DSP Sport displays an icon for each different signal received (1, 2, 3 and 3+). It will lock onto the strongest signal and guide you to that victim. You can then mark the signal and the DSP Sport will ignore it and allow you to move onto searching for the next victim, leaving others to dig up the person you have already found.

    Other Features

    • Auto Antenna Switch - If the DSP Sport detects any devices e.g. mobile phone which are interfering with your transceiver it will switch transmitting antenna to reduce this where possible.
    • Auto Revert - The transceiver will switch back to Send mode if it is in search mode and no movement is detected for 3 and a half minutes, an advantage should there be a secondary avalanche. The downside is that in a difficult search this can seriously hamper your attempt to quickly find a victim. This feature is off by default but can be switched on by us or a Pieps Service centre, Pieps recommend it is only switched on for use by professional searchers who have to take more risk when searching and are very familiar with the device.
    • iPROBE Support - As well as functioning with the Pieps iPROBE, the iPROBE support software will also change your transmission timing to reduce signal overlap in a multiple burial situation.
    • Updatable Firmware

    About You

    The DSP Sport has some advanced features, though these are mostly automatic so don't require lots of practice to get used to them. The search and mark process for multiple burials is easy enough to get to grips with. It's an intermediate transceiver which will suit those looking to to get up and running quickly without a lot of fiddling with menus and learning the vagaries of a complicated unit.

    Pieps DSP Sport Specifications

    Firmware Version -
    3.0 (the latest)
    Harness -
    Batteries -
    3 AAA batteries. (included)
    Weight -
    198g including batteries
    Battery Life -
    Minimum 200 Hours.
    Dimensions -
    11.5 x 7.4 x 2.7cm

    Video Content

    Customer Reviews of Pieps DSP Sport

    Pieps DSP Sport Review
    Verified Buyer

    Royal Mail made a hash of the delivery, but the guys sorted the problem. Used the beacon on an Avalanche Geeks companion rescue training course - probably the piece of gear that you don't want to have to use in earnest - and the transceiver was simple and easy to use, and accurate.

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    Pieps DSP Sport Review
    Verified Buyer

    After much research and comparison with the BCA tracker 3 and others I decided to go with the well known and respected Pieps. The Sports version is a more recent addition to the original, so I thought I'd go with that (not the Pro version as multiple burials seemed a bit too complicated) and Pieps produced the original 3 antenna model, so didn't think I'd go too far wrong.

    Very happy with it. Easy to use and set up, the model works straight out of the box but I still take the batteries out when not in use as I've had battery leakage before and it ruins the connectors otherwise.Switch on and off is easy and the additional sleeve and carry case are well fitted and make use of it pretty functional.Played around with a few other models but this one just works and am more than happy with it.

    Tried it out in the snow when got to resort ie. did some mock burials, and works great.Used an original Pieps to find it, too easy, and used a BCA tracker 2 and it similarly worked both on find and broadcast mode.

    Haven't done the software upgrade for 2015 yet (free from FaceWest), but will do before next trip.All good so far...

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    Pieps DSP Sport Review
    Verified Buyer

    I wanted a compact and easy to use transceiver and this certainly fits the bill. Switching on and off couldn't be easier, even when wearing gloves, and operation in either the search or send mode is very straightforward and intuitive. I've had a limited use of transceivers previously but a quick read of the manual got me up and running in no time.

    I compared it with the Pro version before purchase and am glad I went for this simpler model, as I would think most general users will find.

    Don't know how the plastic casing will stand up to the test of time but it looks quite robust and the carrying case should give a lot of protection. The green and yellow colour is noticeable but not garish and helps if you've can't remember where you put it down (when not switched on!) I would certainly recommend this to anyone who doesn't need the advanced features of the higher end models. This came at a great price, delivery was excellent (it even came with the batteries fitted and ready to switch on) and the 5 year guarantee and free software upgrade are a bonus.

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    Pieps DSP Sport Review
    Verified Buyer

    Good avalanche transceiver, seems easy to use. The transition between search modes is intuitive, and the marking feature very helpful.

    The harness that comes with it is comfortable, although I prefer to carry it in a pocket in a mid-layer so don't use it much. Not used in anger yet, but have used it for practice and it is very reassuring to have in my pocket should the time come...

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