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Petzl Reactik Plus
    Petzl Reactik Plus
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    • Petzl Reactik Plus

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    The Petzl Reactik Plus is a powerful and intelligent headtorch suitable for performance use in any outdoor activity. To get the most out of the Reactik it needs to be connected, via Bluetooth, to your smartphone or tablet. This, with the use of the free MyPetzl Light app allows you to completely customize the performance of the torch. With the app you can view the remaining burn time on the paired device, activate and create profiles with different lighting modes, burn times, brightness and beam patterns.

    As a high performance Petzl torch it also includes Reactive Lighting Technology. This technology uses a sensor on the torch to measure the amount of light being bounced back at it allowing it to adjust the power and beam pattern accordingly, so that the relative light level remains the same. This allows you to have an amazingly bright light last a long time from a pretty small battery without having to continually adjust the power setting yourself.

    The Reactik Plus is charged via a USB port, though an additional battery pack is available if you want to use AAA batteries with it. There is a charge indicator showing how much power is left, this is visible both on the torch and via smartphone with Bluetooth. It is water resistant to IP X4 which means it is able to withstand splashes from all directions, though it cannot be submerged. Other useful features include a red lighting mode to preserve night vision and a lock function to prevent it being switched on when stored in your pack.

    Petzl Reactik Plus Features

    • Reactive or Constant lighting
    • Fully customisable
    • Compatible with MyPetzl App (iOS7.1 or Android 4.3 or later required)
    • Bluetooth Smart
    • 3 option variable beam pattern
    • USB charged
    • Weather resistant (IP X4)
    • Can be used without the app
    • Red lighting

    Lighting Technology Lighting Modes Brightness Distance Burn Time (approx)
    Reactive Max Autonomy 80 lumens 70m 10hrs
    Reactive Standard 170 lumens 90m 5hrs
    Reactive Max Power 300 lumens 110m 2h 30m
    Constant Max Autonomy 30 lumens 35m 15hrs
    Constant Standard 100 lumens 70m 6hrs
    Constant Max Power 200 lumens 90m 2hrs

    All profiles are completely customisable with the MyPetzl Light mobile app

    Coral or Black
    Charging time:
    4.5 hours

    Video Content

    REACTIK + Bluetooth headlamp with Reactive Lighting Technology from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Reactik Plus

    Petzl Reactik Plus Review
    Verified Buyer

    I do a fair bit of outdoor stuff (MTB, canoeing, camping etc) and use this head torch between activities for setting up camp, walking etc.

    Torch looks good but is unfortunately a great example of the tail wagging the dog.Bluetooth app doesn't connect.Torch is not intuitive.Often locks itself so difficult to switch on.Often have to scroll repeatedly to get the settings I want.Light sensitive option is a great idea but doesn't work in reality - keeps dimming itself when I want it to be bright.It is also front heavy due to batteries inside the torch.Fine for walking but would fall off running.

    I just want a bright torch that lasts a long time, that is easy to use.This isn't it.

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    Petzl Reactik Plus Review
    Verified Buyer

    The app on my Android phone is a nightmare. Does not connect 9 times out of 10, cannot change the settings etc. Therefore the Petzl app would get 0 stars out of 5 because it simply doesn't work; the actual head torch should be fine without the stupid software. Why am I not surprised at this?

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