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Petzl Myo
    Petzl Myo
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    The Petzl Myo is a powerful single LED headtorch that is ideal for endurance activity such as distance running or adventure racing. A light diffuser allows the beam to flood the ground in a wider path, this is really good when moving fast. However the diffuser can be opened to make the beam a lot more focused, better for looking into the distance. The Myo is a programmable torch using the power button to cycle through 3 power levels and a flashing mode. However the Myo actually has 10 power levels and 3 flashing modes and you choose which modes the power button will cycle through during use. That sounds a bit of a gimmick but the main advantage is that the lamp can be programmed to come on in whichever power level you use most and then offer you any other 2 levels.

    The Myo is a regulated headtorch except for the Maximum power setting, level 10, this in unregulated so if used all the time the light output will fade gradually as opposed to being constant.

    Petzl Myo Features

    • High power single LED with regulated output.
    • Lithium battery compatible
    • 10 power levels plus boost and 3 flashing modes
    • Boost mode increases the light output to absolute max but can only be used in 20 second bursts
    • IP X4 Storm proof construction
    • Tilting head unit for precise lighting
    • Flip up diffuser offering penetrating beam or wide proximity lighting
    • Battery life indicator warns when the batteries are approx 70% and 90% drained
    • Push button operation
    • Adjustable elasticated headband with optional top strap

    Mode Lumens Output Distance Burn Time
    1 20 Regulated 30m 40hrs
    2 30 Regulated 35m 30hrs
    3 40 Regulated 40m 19hrs
    4 (Economic) 60 Regulated 50m 13hrs
    5 80 Regulated 55m 9hrs
    6 (Optimum) 110 Regulated 65m 5hrs
    7 120 Regulated 70m 4hrs
    8 150 Regulated 80m 3hrs
    9 170 Regulated 90m 2hrs
    10 (Maximum) 280 Unregulated 105m 50hrs
    Boost 370 - - -
    175g (including batteries)

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Myo

    Petzl Myo Review
    Verified Buyer

    This head torch was bought as the primary head torch for a 120 day winter ski expedition. It is simple to use and solidly constructed. The programable settings will make it useful for both hut use when not as much light is needed and also night navigation during the short January nights.

    Although not the most powerful torch it ticks lots of boxes with its low weight. A great product

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