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Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw
    Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw
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    The Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw has a fold down integrated flexible crank that ensures the screw can be placed quickly when you need it most. The smaller hanger also allows the Laser Speed to be placed in sculptured ice where a larger hanger may impede the screw from reaching it's maximum depth. And for ease of recognition of length the handles are colour coded.

    Forged from specially selected steel that has been treated to minimize weight whilst increasing strength. The Laser is easily screwed into the hardest of ice thanks to Petzls unique design allowing the teeth to cut into the ice with ease.

    Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw Features

    • Integrated flexible crank providing an optimised lever for fast screw in
    • Colour coded indicating length of the screw
    • Optimised shape of the steel drill
    • Steel treated to reduce weight and increase strength
    • Easier sharpening with the drills sharpening reserve
    • Steel tube and drill
    • Smaller hanger to facilitate screwing into sculptured ice
    • Certifications; CE, UIAA

    Length Weight
    10cm 113g
    13cm 128g
    17cm 143g
    21cm 161g

    Customer Reviews of Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw

    Petzl Laser Speed Ice Screw Review
    Verified Buyer
    Sutton Coldfield

    Sharp, light and easy to use. Engages fast and screws fast. To top it off it racks well as well. And you can get a sharpener for it!

    My friend lowered me into a crevasse using this screw as the anchor, he bounced me a few times on the rope putting load onto the anchor - the 21cm screw (I had a 17cm as backup) - and it didn't pull out of the glacier ice. It was still well placed when I de-rigged.

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