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Ortovox Zoom+
    Ortovox Zoom+
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    Best For:

    Those who want a simple digital transceiver with no modes or options to confuse.

    The Ortovox Zoom is designed to be a really simple, single search mode transceiver suitable to all users. Although there are no search options or masking to keep the Zoom+ simple it does have all the digital technology inside. The Zoom+ has 3 antenna to give good accurate distance information and the smart antenna software to maximise the distance it is detected at. The Zoom will also display a symbol if it thinks you are in a multiple burial situation.

    The 3+ also has a Recco reflector to assist in resort based professional searches. More marketing than anything else.

    Ortovox Zoom+ Features

    • Visual and acoustic display
    • Intuitive and easy operation
    • Simple 2 button operation
    • Smart Antenna - The Zoom+ transmits using one of 2 antennas based on it's orientation, always giving out the strongest signal.
    • Auto switch-over in case of burial.
    • Recco reflector, this is a secondary backup rescue system.
    • If you are in "search" mode and the unit detects you are not moving, then after 2 minutes it auto reverts to transmit mode.

    About You

    If you are the kind of person who dislikes electronic gizmos and wants a simple device that you just turn on and use then the Zoom is a good choice.

    Ortovox Zoom+ specs

    Harness -
    Batteries -
    1 x AA (included)
    Weight -
    200g (with harness & batteries)
    Battery Life -
    150hrs (send)
    Dimensions -
    8cm x 11.5cm x 2.5cm

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    Customer Reviews of Ortovox Zoom+

    Ortovox Zoom+ Review
    Verified Buyer

    I'm a regular off-piste skier, and have used various transceivers over the years. I bought this having borrowed one for a week skiing with the UCPA.

    The Zoom+ is an easy to use, simple, cost-effective transceiver. It's aimed at the 'basic' end of the market, but that belies the fact that it quickly locates a transceiver signal, and guides the user towards the source. The number countdown is comparable with more expensive devices, and the direction indicators are similar in operation to, say, a BCA Tracker. In the group 'who can find the buried backpack first' test, the Zoom faired well - most of the group had borrowed this model and were only 'beaten' by an experienced user with their own transceiver.

    The battery life is good, the purchase price reasonable, and the simplicity of operation make this a compelling choice. The only limitations seem to relate to multiple burials; there are fewer buttons than on more expensive devices. The material finish is more 'functional' than 'premium', and as far as I can work out, the ONLY downside is that it looks cheaper than the more expensive transceivers.

    In short, if you are looking for your first transceiver, this is a good choice. If you're looking for a first transceiver for your ski buddy, this is a no-brainer!

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    Ortovox Zoom+ Review
    Verified Buyer

    What I like about the zoom + is that it is so simple to use. Big and obvious buttons which are easy to operate with gloves on. It is also lightweight and comes with a really useful chest strap so you can wear it under your jacket.

    I have practiced using it in a Tranceiver park and I was impressed with the range and location capability. I haven't used other models so I can't compare it to others.It is well made, easy to use and is good value for money. I would definitely recommend it and would buy it again.

    No negative points I can think of.

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