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MSR Titan 2 Pot Set
    MSR Titan 2 Pot Set
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    • MSR Titan 2 Pot Set

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    The MSR Titan 2 Pot set is a superlight titanium cookset. The Fast and Light range from MSR is for solo-adventurers, weight conscious alpinists and practical backpackers who are looking for the best in lightweight cooksets. The Titan 2 pot set features a 1.5l pot and a 1.0l pot both made from lightweight and strong titanium.

    This cookset is for adventures where weight really does matter.

    MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Features:

    • Ultralight- Titanium pots shave ounces off pack-weight.
    • Compact- Nestling design saves pack space.
    • Multi-function- Lid doubles as a plate.
    • Weight - 272g.


    • 1.5l titanium pot
    • 1.0l titanium pot
    • Lid
    • Litelifter handle
    • Stuffsack

      Customer Reviews of MSR Titan 2 Pot Set

      MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Review
      Verified Buyer
      Triq Il-Pitkali, Marsa

      Was looking for a lightweight alternative to my other MSR pot set since I'm trying to shed weight on my overall camping gear. The Titan 2 pot set is a good compromise between size and weight. Weighs close to nothing and has excellent build quality you would expect from MSR. My only niggle is that you cannot fit a gas canister and pocket rocket stove inside the pots to reduce overall space.

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      MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Review
      Verified Buyer

      If you would like top quality and have the money to get it this is it.My last pot set was a mid tier one from Primus which after a couple of years usage started to become very worn.

      The MSR Titanium set feels very robust although being very thin. I put some pressure on the bowls to see if they were easy getting buckled which was not the case. Further, they of course feel very professional and you can expect to get some nice glimpses from friends once taking it up at the hikes.

      Negatives: It comes with a small bag which I guess is not as robust, however assuming that getting a replacement is easy this should not be a problem. The small bag with definitely be enough for normal usage however if spending several weeks in the field each year would naturally worn it down. Further, price is very high but then you will definitely get what you pay for.

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      MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Review
      Väinö Vähäsarja
      Verified Buyer

      Great titan pot set! Light, durable, easy to clean; just as you should expect. I didn't previously own any titan kettles and was a bit skeptical over it's price/quality ratio compared to traditional aluminum. Still think aluminum is good and safe choice but there are advantages to titanium, also other than the image-factor ;) It really is convenient to grab the pot with your bare hands from the burner and use it as your plate without any pot-lifter involved (assuming it's not too full, in which case you'll end up with good old burned fingers...)

      Other titanium alternatives would probably work as well, but the size and form of this MSR set was key for me, as they fit nicely my Trangia and Primus burners.

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      MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Review
      William Hold
      Verified Buyer

      I have had my Titan set for about 10 years and it has been one of my most used pieces of gear.It is very well designed and made.The titanium is very strong, light and food does not stick to it as it does, so annoyingly, with aluminium cookware.For solo trips I just take the 1.5 L pan and lid, allowing me to cook substantial meals.The pan grip is excellent, particularly when using a wood-fire stove when attached handles would get hot and sooty.

      The only quibble I have with MSR cookware is the absence of fill markings which would make it easier to judge quantities (Evernew pans get this right).The pans come with a light carry bag which is handy as the pans and lid do not attach to each other for packing (you could possibly pass a strap through the lid handle to keep it all in place). I would recommend getting an Anti-Geravity Gear pot cosy for this to help save fuel and keep food hot

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      MSR Titan 2 Pot Set Review
      Amory Cuvenor
      Verified Buyer

      I like to keep things reasonably simple and light. These pots are just that, so they have become my favourite pots.

      Having two pots with a lid that doubles as a plate provides plenty of options for preparing food for trips with one/two or even three people. For an ultra light set up when I go solo, I take just the small pot and use a foil lid.

      One thing to keep in mind is that these pots have a old-school separate handle. This suits me as I sometimes put them on an open fire, but when I'm using them on a stove I wish they had a built-in folding handle (like the MRS kettle has). The detachable handle rests nicely on the edge of the pot when you are not holding it, but you have to take the lid off to use the handle. If you don't use pots on an open fire, I would consider getting pots that have a permanently attached folding handle.

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