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Marker Kingpin 13 Touring Binding
    Marker Kingpin 13 Touring Binding
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    The Marker Kingpin 13 is a high DIN version of the Kingpin binding, suitable for heavy, aggressive skiers or those looking to take on much tougher terrain.

    The Kingpin takes a pin/tech toe and combines it with a traditional style heel piece to create a secure yet lightweight touring binding. This means that the Kingpin can offer the same level of safety as a frame binding, but with the lower weight and simplified use of a pin binding. The alpine style heel has a very wide contact point which allows excellent power transmission through the binding when in ski mode. It also features length compensation so that the binding security is not affected by the flex of the ski.

    The pin/tech style toe piece features 6 springs, instead of the usual 4. This improves power transmission when skiing and energy capture when skinning which means both skiing and skinning is more efficient and responsive.

    Changing from walk to ski mode and back is easy and, unlike other Marker touring bindings, does not require the boot to be taken out of the binding. Other features of the Kingpin include 2 flip over heel height adjusters, a broad drill pattern for excellent transmission even on wider skis, a removable brake and crampon bracket

    The Kingpin is a great all round binding, ideal for people who want one binding to do it all, from multi day tours to days riding the lifts. It's advantages over other similar bindings are its ease of use and exellent feel when skiing. Its disadvantages are that it is a bit heavier than most of its competitors so not an ideal choice for those who want to do more touring.

    This 13 version has a DIN range of 6 to 13 which is suitable for heavy or very aggressive skiers.

    The Kingpin comes with a choice of 2 brake sizes: 100mm and 125mm, choose the smallest which will fit your ski. Skis under 75mm are too narrow for the Kingpin to be mounted on.

    Pin Bindings Compatibility

    These bindings require pin binding compatible boots.

    1500g (incl. brake)
    One size fits all
    Black / Copper
    DIN range:
    6 - 13

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