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Leatherman Z-Rex
    Leatherman Z-Rex
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    The Leatherman Z-Rex is a combination of a webbing cutter combined with a glass breaker, so you might have guessed it's designed to get out of a vehicle in an emergency or to get in to get another out.

    The blade on the webbing cutter can be turned quickly ensuring there is always a sharp blade on hand, and when back home a new blade can be fitted. The glass breaker is made from strong and super hard Tungsten Carbide, a lot harder than steel and more likely to break glass on the first hit. Also built into the handle is a Oxygen bottle wrench along with a handy Hex wrench. A great tool for emergency use.

    Leatherman Z-Rex Features:

    • 440C Replaceable Cutters
    • Tungsten Carbide Glass Breaker
    • Oxygen Tank Wrench
    • 1/4" Hex Wrench
    • Finger Hole
    • Ergo Grip
    • Powder-coated Aluminum Body
    • MOLLE Sheath
    • 25-Year Warranty

    Customer Reviews of Leatherman Z-Rex

    Leatherman Z-Rex Review
    Verified Buyer

    This tool looks perfect for the purpose it was purchased for, however the description fails to mention that it comes with a carry case/belt pouch and so I had ordered a separate one which will need to be returned. Other than this slight misinformation, this is a very high quality product (as expected by leatherman) which should last me for many years. I have other leatherman tools which are approaching 15 years old and still work as needed so I do have high hopes for this tool also!

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    Leatherman Z-Rex Review
    Tim Hayton
    Verified Buyer

    A fantastic product. Just what I have been looking for, I have needed something like this after an accident on the motorway a couple of years ago. We both walked away but the car was written off, but it was a frightening experience.

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