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Leatherman Style PS
    Leatherman Style PS
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    The Leatherman Style PS is a blade-less tool that has been designed for those who want the convenience of a tool that can be carried on a keyring but without a knife.

    The tools include an excellent little spring action pliers and a pair of scissors as well as others, including a bottle opener. This is a great everyday tool as well as a handy choice for the traveller who may need to do a few running repairs.


    • Carabiner/Bottle Opener
    • Flat/Phillips Screwdriver
    • Nail File
    • Scissors
    • Spring-action Needlenose Pliers
    • Spring-action Regular Pliers
    • Spring-action Wire Cutters
    • Tweezers


    • 25-Year Warranty
    • Glass-filled Nylon Handle Scale
    • Key Ring Attachment
    • Outside-accessible Tools
    • Stainless Steel Body
    Closed Length:

    Customer Reviews of Leatherman Style PS

    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Verified Buyer

    I bought a Style PS and a CS at the same time almost two years ago now and have had time to use them both regularly for security, first aid and outdoors activities. I can't really add a lot to the reviews already posted, it is all true, except for two things.

    One, although the Style PS doesn't have a knife blade, be prepared to lose it if you take it into secure areas and/or fights. Not every security screener will view it as harmless, or care what the TSA in the US says.

    Secondly, the scissors just don't cut it. I have just returned mine for the fourth time due to the scissor spring breaking. If it wasn't for that, I would be very happy with it indeed.

    Otherwise, a quality tool, that despite it's size is very capable.

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    David Dunlop
    Verified Buyer

    The Leatherman Style PS is small enough to not look silly on a keyring but big enough to be very practical and useful . I use it daily and have not had any problems using it . Best of all it has that Leatherman quality feel. Highly Recommended

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Graham Payne
    Verified Buyer

    This is a nice handy pocketable multi tool - arguably more useful than its smaller brother the Leatherman Style, but more practical for everyday use than its bigger brothers the Skeletool and the Skeletool-CX - if -and it's a not inconsiderable if - you can live without a blade.

    The Style PS fits nicely in the pocket and nicely in the hand. It is large enough to be takenseriously as a bone fide multi-function tool (blade notwithstanding), with a useful pair of spring-action pliers which are comfortable and easy to use. It also has the advantage of a pair of scissors, as well as a pair of tweezers, nail file/screwdriver and carabiner/bottle opener. The Style PS also carries the trusted Leatherman seal of build-quality and fills a gap in the Leatherman line-up. It is neat and unobtrusive, although it can be fastened comfortably to the belt-loop of a pair of trousers, for ease of access. If you are looking for a discreet but functional multi tool WITHOUT a blade, then this could be the one for you.

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Verified Buyer

    Very nice tool - very small, great to add to your keys. Would definitely recommend it

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Verified Buyer
    Coxhoe, Durham

    This is a great little tool for a keyring.Absolutely impervious construction, but not too heavy thanks to the skeleton design.It has most of the tools you'd need day-to-day, but as a bonus it doesn't have a knife, so can be taken safely on a flight without fear of forgetting it's there and ending up in bother.

    I haven't had a multitool on my keyring before, having seen them as cumbersome and adding too much weight to my keys.Just go to show how good this one is that it hasn't left my key ring since I received it.

    Also, as ever the Facewest shopping experience was perfect.

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Verified Buyer

    Purchased for urban everyday carrying and it suited me perfectly for that. Very light, a good choice of tools for someone who works at an office like me. Very good, precisescissors. I thought the screw driver would be too big for screws like on sunglasses, but works well. I don't feel the need of a blade since I have a Spyderco Ladybug, otherwise I would consider the CS. The little torch that came with it is nice, but not versatile or very bright, but serves me well to stay in the car. If lost, would order another one next day.

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    Leatherman Style PS Review
    Verified Buyer

    This now sits on my key ring with a small torch and a cash stash for company. I can honestly say I find a use for this almost every day. As I'm getting older I find it useful to get a grip on small fiddly things. The scissors are handy and the lack of a blade means you don't have to think twice about where you are carrying it. As a born fidget it's also nice to fiddle with!! It's also a wonderful piece of compact design. I have owned a leatherman wave for about 15 years and it is as good now as when I bought it. Quality counts and every part of this tool is quality.

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