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Julbo Skydome Zebra Light Red
    Julbo Skydome Zebra Light Red
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    The Julbo Skydome Zebra Light Red is designed for maximum vision with its oversize panoramic lens and frameless mount. The flexible and lightweight construction is designed to mould easily to your face with no gaps whilst the dual foam padding keeps it comfortable all day long. The silicone strap has a symmetrical length adjustment with two buckles allowing it to keep central on your head at all times, as well as avoiding the buckles clashing with helmet clips.

    The the Skydome Zebra Light Red has a double Zebra Light Red Reactiv Photochromic lens, this automatically adapts to changes in light level moving between a Category 1 and a Category 3 lens. The lens also benefits from being gold tinted, giving excellent light receptivity, yet also providing your eyes with the protection they require. The Airflow design of the frame, along with anti-fog coating helps prevent misting.

    Skydome Zebra Light Red Features

    • Frameless Construction
    • Spherical double lens
    • Photochromic Reactiv Lens (cat 1-3)
    • Anatomic frame
    • Air Flow
    • Anti-fog coating
    • Silicone strap with symmetrical adjustment
    Dark Blue / Yellow
    Photochromic, Cat 1-3

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