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Julbo Airflux Clear
    Julbo Airflux Clear
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    The Julbo Airflux Clear is an excellent goggle which incorporates Julbo's SuperFlow System Technology. This system allows the lens to pop forward increasing the air flow around the lens which prevents misting. Ideally suited for Scottish whiteouts or downhill mountain biking.

    The Airflux comes with a Spectron 0 clear polycarbonate lens. The lens are also ventilated and have an anti-fog coating. The minimalist anatomic frame gives an excellent field of view and is designed to mould easily to your face with no gaps whilst the dual foam padding keeps it comfortable all day long. The silicone strap includes a pivoting join to aid with helmet compatibility and it has a symmetrical length adjustment with two buckles allowing it to keep central on your head at all times, as well as avoiding the buckles clashing with helmet clips.

    Julbo Airflux Clear Features

    • Spectron 0 clear lens (cat 0)
    • Spherical double lens
    • Polycarbonate lens
    • SuperFlow System Technology
    • Ventilated lens
    • Anti-fog coating
    • Silicone strap with axis and symmetrical adjustment
    • Minimalist, anatomic frame
    • Dual soft foam

    Customer Reviews of Julbo Airflux Clear

    Julbo Airflux Clear Review
    Verified Buyer
    Longyearbyen, Svalbard

    I live in Svalbard where the weather sometimes can be pretty nasty and goggles are an essential part of my kit. I use them for downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and sometimes when I go out grocery shopping. The Airflux have mostly been with me on the glaciers in the dark season when the sun is below the horizon and tinted lenses are unnecessary.

    The materials feels like quality right out of the box. There seems to be little risk that the mechanism will break off accidentally. The double layer foam ensures a comfortable fit and it keeps snow and wind out. Over all it is a good idea to increase airflow when going up and I have not experienced any fogging when venting and working my way up to the top.

    They just won't close up before I start my descent or when the weather changes. The upper corners snaps right into place and stays there but the lower corners never snaps in. If I happen to be so lucky that I can get one in it immediately pops out when I start working on the other one. Working the corners is impossible when wearing gloves and I need to take the goggles off before doing anything. When they don't close wind comes in from the sides and when I don't need the extra ventilation it is annoying when moving slowly or standing still. In minus 20 and 45 knots of wind you do not want all of that coming in from the sides.

    I give them three stars for the fit, the idea of venting and the double layer foam. The last two stars have I spent on supergluing them closed.

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