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Grivel Plume Twin gate
    Grivel Plume Twin gate
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    The Grivel Plume Twin Gate is a revolutionary new design which stands in place, and improves upon, the traditional screw gate carabiner. The double gated system is more secure than a traditional screwgate as there is no screw to accidentally come undone. The Plume features 2 wiregates which, combined with it's small size makes it a lightweight alternative to a screwgate, ideal for building belays.

    Grivel Mega Twin Gate Features

    • Patented twin gate with 2 wire gates
    • S wire design for key lock effect
    • Hot drop forged

    25kN 7kN 8kN 20mm 38g

    Customer Reviews of Grivel Plume Twin gate

    Grivel Plume Twin gate Review
    Verified Buyer

    I love kit, especially shiny kit, so I thought I'd try out a few of Grivel's twin gate carabiners. I think the simple andlight Plume is probably my favourite.

    It's fool proof, easy to operate even with gloves on, won't freeze up and you won't forget to screw it up because you can't. On multi pitch routes I now always carry a couple on my harness to build belays as they're secure and so much lighter than a screwgate. Just make sure your partner knows how to operate them before you set off otherwise they think it's witchcraft.

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