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Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon
    Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon
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    The Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon are an excellent choice for the ski tourer requiring a lightweight crampon they can rely upon to climb steep snow fields on the mountain.

    The Air Tech Light Crampons are made from a light alloy; they are designed for climbing solely on snow and are not suitable for steep ice climbing or mixed climbing. The Air Tech Light are 10 point crampons yet they actually have 12 points - the third points are shorter and wider apart than the other points, while the secondary front points have a double angulation - this maintains bite while descending and traversing. The points of the Air Tech crampons are quite short, but they make up for this by being very sharp.

    The length of the Air Tech Light's are easily adjusted by hand by hand using the Mulletta spring at the heel, the weight of the user keeps the spring secure. They come with Grivel's excellent anti-balling plates that actively push snow off the crampon, essential for safety in wet-snow conditions.

    New Matic Bindings: This system uses the Cramp-o-matic rear bale along with a plastic harness at the toe. This harness is hinged at two front posts and provides a secure fit. More versatile than the Cramp-o-matic binding it fits boots with little or no front welt.

    New Classic Bindings: This binding uses hinged plastic harnesses at both the toe and heel of the boot. It uses a single strap closure and is really easy to use and does not require boots with either toe or heel welts. The down side is that it's bulkier and takes up greater space in your pack.


    • New Matic or New Classic bindings
    • 10+2 Point Crampons
    • Light Alloy
    • Semi-rigid, and Asymmetric
    • Comes with anti-balling plate
    • Easy to adjust size by hand
    610g per pair
    One Size Fits All: UK 3.5-11/Euro 35-46

    Customer Reviews of Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon

    Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon Review
    Nikolaos Todoulos
    Verified Buyer

    This is not just a ski touring crampon. You can easily use them on a day tour on a glacier or climbing a mountain where only for a few meters you need to step on hard snow. Very light and can be used not only with ski boots but any boots that have the heel suitable for fast crampons. For example Mt Kebenkaise in Sweden on summer or a long backpacking trip (where every gram counts) in Greenland or Svalbard in summer where you may encounter hard snow or crossing glaciers these crampons are ideal.

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    Grivel Air Tech Light Crampon Review
    Verified Buyer

    These crampons are both light and effective. The fittings are easily adjustable so that taking them on and off is straightforward always useful when there is not much energy left in the arms and legs. A reinforced carrying case is essential.

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