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G3 Alpinist Skin
    G3 Alpinist Skin
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    • G3 Alpinist Skin

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    The G3 Alpinist Skin is a versatile and reliable climbing skin designed for the best glide, grip and reliability no matter what your objective. As a fully synthetic, nylon skin it is highly durable. The low profile tip hooks will natuarally centre the skin on the ski and will work with any ski. The tail clips work with a buckle adjustment giving a 16cm range which clips easily to any ski, providing it has a small rise at the tail, if it doesn't then the G3 Twin Tip Connectors will make this skin compatible. You'll also need the twin tip connectors if your skis are twin tips.

    Down the centre of the glue side of the skin is a removable rip strip - this is designed to make it easier to pull the skins apart if you store them glue to glue and has the added advantage that if the glue does get contaminated you can remove the rip strip for additional adhesion to the ski. The pack includes a trimming tool (more information below), skin savers and a skin wallet.

    The easy to use trimming tool is set to trim the skin the correct distance from the ski edge so the process is as simple as sticking the skin to the skis and trimming against the ski edges - see video below.

    If you're after a versatile and durable skin capable of taking you anywhere in the mountains then the Alpinist skin should certainly be considered.

    G3 Alpinist Skin Features

    • Synthetic materials
    • Low profile tip hooks
    • Removable rip strip
    • Adjustable tail length
    • Easy to trim
    Ski LengthWeight (per pair)
    153 - 169cm444g
    168 - 184cm480g
    183 - 199cm514g

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    Customer Reviews of G3 Alpinist Skin

    G3 Alpinist Skin Review
    Verified Buyer
    Genuinely disappointed in these skins! The skins themselves grip really well in the snow; unfortunately they do not adhere well to the ski! This might have been due to the environmental circumstances: really cold conditions on Baffin Island, but I have never had such frustration with skins. I bought these skins specifically for this trip and whilst I would not normally try out new untested kit on a big trip, the environment made realistic testing impossible. No amount of cleaning and keeping the warm (inside sleeping bag at night & inside jacket otherwise) worked.After a couple of days I wished I had taken my slightly tatty, well used but trusted BD skins. The G3 skins completely detached themselves twice - both times on really awkward ascents, resulting in so much time and faffing that my hands started to freeze up. On the plus side they do pack down pretty well andgrip really well on the snow. However the amount of swearing due to frustration with these skins ain’t worth it. They are probably awesome in the Alps in spring - which is probably an excellent excuse to go away again!
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