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Fritschi Tecton 12
    Fritschi Tecton 12
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    The Fritschi Tecton 12 is Fritschi's answer to Marker's Kingpin binding - a pin toe for less weight and a more natural walking motion paired with an alpine heel piece for better power transmission.

    The Tecton uses the same toe piece found on the Vipec Evo, which has a fully adjustable DIN. The toe pin arms are independent of each other allowing the boot to release sideways in either direction without any upward movement. It has an easy step in facilitated by a solid stop positioning guide ensuring that the pins line up with the inserts on you boot. The front pins are locked in walking mode by pulling up the front lever.

    The heel piece is similar to a traditional alpine binding heel. To engage the binding in ski mode the boot heel is stamped into the binding and held in place by pressing the boot heel into the heel plate, just as it is with an alpine binding. It is held laterally in place by a power rail ensuring that there is no movement between the ski and binding. To move into tour mode the heel must be released by pushing down on the rear lever. Once the boot is clear of the binding the lever can be pushed upright, moving the heel jaw backwards so that it is clear of the boot. It has a 2 stage heel riser which drops out of the lever when in the walk position.

    The Fritschi Tecton 12 is aimed at those who want the best ski performance from a pin binding and are prepared to carry a little extra weight to get it. It'll also appeal to those who spend time piste skiing but also want the ability to tour/skin.

    Tecton bindings come complete with brakes (80, 90, 100, 110 or 120mm). You'll need to select which size you want before adding them to your basket. The smallest that will fit your ski is best. The wider 110 and 120mm brakes cost a little extra.

    They have 2 coloured plastic pieces which can be customised to add your choice of colour to your binding. As standard the Tecton is supplied with orange plastic inserts.

    Pin Bindings Compatibility & Mounting

    These bindings require pin binding compatible boots.

    Please Note: Some lightweight touring/racing boots are not compatible or require an adapter to make the heel welt large enough for the binding to grip. Some boots from Arcteryx, Dynafit and Salomon are known to have this issue.

    One size fits all
    Orange inserts
    DIN Range:
    5 - 12

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    Customer Reviews of Fritschi Tecton 12

    Fritschi Tecton 12 Review
    Verified Buyer

    Mounted these bindings to Rossignol Sky 7 HD skis and have been using them the whole ski season (with Scarpa Maestrale RS boots). Obviously not the lightest touring binding around, but their downhill performance (they ski like an alpine binding) more than makes up for the little extra work needed to go uphill.

    I don't do long tours, but can't foresee a problem with the weight if I did. Easy to use and solidly built; to my mind, the best crossover touring/free skiing binding around. Pleased with the investment (they are not cheap).

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