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Exped Downmat 9 Pump
    Exped Downmat 9 Pump
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    • Exped Downmat 9 Pump

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    The Exped Downmat 9 Pump is a 9cm thick sleeping mat that contains Goose Down to provide superb insulation from the cold ground and is suitable to temperatures as low as -38°C. These mats have been scientifically proven to be 3 times warmer than a self-inflating foam mat of the same weight. Another massive advantage of the Downmat is that it can be packed much quicker and takes up a lot less space in your pack, making it ideal for the fast and light adventure racer and minimalist backpacker.

    To mat is inflated using the built-in pump, and not your own breath as this will be damp and impair the loft of the down. The pump is easily operated and fills the mat in a few minutes. The two wide valves ensure fast inflation and deflation, just one quarter turn closes and opens them. Although this mat is suitable for temperatures as low as -38°C the built in pump may freeze.

    Similar to a sleeping bag, baffles between the mat's chambers eliminate cold spots and promote a stable and supportive air cushion. Light foam blocks at the mat's ends prevent down from escaping or migrating between chambers. The laminated polyester fabric is both durable and airtight. The top surface of honeycomb textured fabric provides superior slip resistance and comfort next to the skin. Seams and valves are all high-frequency welded (most secure method of fusing fabrics and materials) to ensure mat durability and integrity.

    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Features

    • Two low profile valves one for inflation and the other for deflation ensure ease of use
    • Light foam blocks at the mat's ends prevent down from escaping or migrating between chambers
    • Laminated polyester fabric is both durable, airtight and humidity resistant
    • The shell's top surface is of brushed polyester fabric that provides excellent slip resistance and comfort next to the skin
    • Two fabric grommets at the head end can be used to secure the packsack to the mat when used as a pillow
    • Exped only use IDFL-certified goose down, specially treated to eliminate the effects of humidity that may reach the mat's interior
    • Includes stuff-sack and repair kit

    Medium183 x 52cm9cm24 x 16cm960g8.0
    Long Wide (LW)197 x 65cm9cm27 x 16cm1.24kg8.0

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    Customer Reviews of Exped Downmat 9 Pump

    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Lee L
    Verified Buyer

    This mat is by far and away the most comfortable mat I have ever used. So warm and comfortable I manage to drift off to a sound and deep sleep in any conditions! Couple it with the Snozzle inflating bag / waterproof stuff sack and it stays dry and inflates in seconds! Would I buy this again? DEFINITELY!

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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Verified Buyer

    I don't think that it's because I'm hugely fat, I think it's more my penchant for sleeping on particularly pointy rocks but I've managed to burst or puncture 3 different sleeping mats over the years. It was because of this that I decided to spend a little more and invest in this Exped about a year ago, and (touch wood) it is still intact and still going strong. I'm very happy with it and have no hesitation in recommending it. I'm one of those people who'd rather carry slightly more weight and have that luxury item or, at least the peace of mind that the heavier kit is going to be a bit more robust.

    I have mainly used the mat bivvying. I did wonder how the down within it would stand up to a potential soaking (it's 'water-resistant') but thankfully it's not become that saturated as yet. I am going to get a larger bivvy bag so I can get it inside with me though I think. I've used it in a hammock with me as well, and that works fine if you don't wriggle too much in the night. Inflating the mat with the built in pump is a doddle once you've done it once or twice. It does kind of look like you're doing CPR on it (Stay with me mat! Don't go to the light! etc). Temperature wise, it's only been used in the UK and so hasn't gone too much below zero so far but it obviously stood up well. I kind of want to sleep in the snow with it and give it a proper test which I guess is a good mark of the confidence it instills.

    Pros - Robust, Comfy, Warm

    Cons - Expensive (not expensive as buying new mats each time one dies though), bit heavier and bulkier than 'lesser' mats (doesn't bother me).

    Overall - A sexy mat.

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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Verified Buyer
    Moseley. BIRMINGHAM

    When I chose this mat I wanted maximum comfort and warmth, in a mat small enough to carry. After three weeks summer use I can confirm that it's as comfortable as my bed at home, and really warm. It's just small and light enough to backpack with, especially if you consider that you could in most conditions afford to down spec your sleeping bag. It comes in a good quality stuff sack which doubles as a pillow when stuffed with clothes, also included is a small repair kit, which I would consider essential to take in extreme conditions where the consequences of an accidental puncture could be serious. The pump is reasonably quick and easy to use. The material it's covered with is comfortable to lie on, and it's fairly simple to deflate and get it back in its bag.This mat is expensive, and for purely summer use would be overkill, but it is a high quality product and for serious winter conditions, would be hard to beat.

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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Verified Buyer

    Big and roomy mat you don't fall off it in the night. So thick that you can let air out and make it softer for a bad back and still not touch the ground. Worth the money.

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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Janice Willsher
    Verified Buyer

    Bought as back needs support.I get cold at night.Wanted something reasonably light for future long distance walking.Narrow for a woman with hips but fine as it will fit into a smaller, lighter tent.Easy to pump up.Only slept on one night so far but great.Need decent height of pillow as flat, I got heartburn and a sore neck with one pillow (but thats just me).

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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Verified Buyer
    Exped Downmat 9 Pump DLX purchased from Facewest in March 2009.
    The mattress was used on an expedition to Mera Peak, Nepal, and performed very well. The stuff-sac is generously sized, to allow easy packing, and the overall pack size is compact for a mattress providing such a high degree of insulation. At over 1kg in weight, it is not particularly light, but the added warmth generated more than compensates for this.
    Through continuous daily inflation and deflation for 18 nights, no problems were experienced whatsoever. Only minor criticism would be on length of time it takes to inflate but, again, comfort provided makes the extra effort worthwhile!
    The tough outer material was found to be resistant to minor spillages in the tent, but the black colour does mean the mattress warms up very quickly when exposed to sunlight, so should not be used, or left to air/dry, outside in the sun (where damage could result due to expansion of air inside).
    The larger DLX version fitted snugly into an average-sized three-person tent, but may be too large for smaller tent inners.
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    Exped Downmat 9 Pump Review
    Stephen M
    Verified Buyer
    The Exped Downmat 9 Pump Mattress is in my opinion the best inflatable sleeping mat on the market at present.
    Weighing a kilo with the pump bag (which is also waterproof)and having 250 grams of 700 European Fill power down it a must have items for any trips below zero, the Mat is rated to -38 Celsius and also allows for a lighter sleeping bag to be carried.
    Comfort wise it is very hard to beat. I would have no problem sleeping on this mat for extended period.It is a bit heavy for summer use but from Autumn to Spring it comes in to its one.
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