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DMM Wired Torque Nuts
    DMM Wired Torque Nuts
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    The DMM Torque Nuts are probably the best hex's in the universe, no really they are very good in that they have multiple placing options with each one having a broad size range, the set covers a whopping 31mm through to 71mm. The colours correspond to other protection pieces in the DMM range, for example the size 1 matches in size to the Walnut 11 while the larger Torque Nuts match up with the DMM Dragon Cams.Essentially the Torque Nut can be placed in either a constriction, jammed into a crack or as a 'cam' where the curvature combined with the angled pull on the wire causes the nut to cam into place.

    The Wired Torque nuts have a wire instead of dynatec sling. The advantage of wire is that the Wired Torque nuts is that they can be placed over year head more easily, and when placed in a deep crack they can be angled so the wire is pointing out. No more fishing around trying to clip a sling dangling back into the crack. They are also especially useful for winter climbers for the above reasons, the wire is also more durable than a sling and doesn't tend to get covered in an icy build up in poor weather.

    DMM Wired Torque Nuts Features

    • Four sizes cover large range
    • Colour coded:
    • Wired sling
    • Multiple placement options

    Size Colour Range Strength Weight
    1 Green (walnut 11) 31 - 41mm 12kN 69g
    2 Red (Dragon 3) 36 - 49mm 12kN 86g
    3 Gold (Dragon 4) 44 - 59mm 12kN 114g
    4 Blue (Dragon 5) 54 - 71mm 12kN 161g

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