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DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate
    DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate
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    The DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate is probably one of the smallest belay carabiners you'll come across, but also one of the lightest. Belaying aside this asymmetric biner is perfect for rigging belays as it's wide enough to take a couple of clove hitches. The kink in the spine of the crab allows for a large gate opening and also helps the Sentinel sit correctly on on a harness belay loop. This shape also makes this a great handling carabiner even with gloves on.

    The 20mm gate opening has a clean nose preventing snagging allowing for quick hassle free belay set-ups. A classic barrel closure ensures the Sentinel stays locked but is also quick to open and close. Slings are an essential on trad routes and the Sentinel is the perfect crab for securing and clipping slings as they're light, secure and allow the rope to run perfectly. Basically the perfect all round screwgate carabiner.

    DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate Features

    • Lightweight HMS locking biner
    • Wide gate opening
    • Correct alignment on the belay loop
    • Strong I-Beam construction
    • Keylock nose

    24kN 8kN 10kN 20mm 54g

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