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Black Diamond Voyager
    Black Diamond Voyager
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    The Black Diamond Voyager is a great combination of a lantern and a hand held torch. Both modes use BD's Double Power LED providing superior quality bright light. In lantern mode this provides 140 lumens of light and up to 100hrs of battery life on the lowests setting, more than enough for most three man tents. In torch mode the Double Power LED throws out an impressive 50 lumen beam.

    The single rubber switch will allow you to toggle between lantern and torch and also dim either by holding it down to preserve valuable battery power. Over all a great addition for practically any style of camping.

    Black Diamond Voyager Features

    • 1 DoublePower LED with 140 lumens (max setting)
    • Frosted globe for bright, ambient light in lantern mode
    • 1 DoublePower LED with 50 lumens in the bottom for torch mode
    • Dual reflector system captures and maximizes light output (lantern mode)
    • Lantern, torch and dual (lantern and torch on) modes-as well as dimming-operate from one convenient switch
    • Compactible to 105mm; extended height is 159mm

    Mode LED Max Lumens Max Burntime (low setting)
    Lantern Double Power 140 100 hrs
    Torch Double Power 50 100 hrs

    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Voyager

    Black Diamond Voyager Review
    Verified Buyer

    I bought this torch/lamp for an upcoming extended overland trip so have not had much chance to use it. From what I can see so far, it does appear to be what I need as build quality is sound. The lighting is impressive and I am sure the dimmer feature will be handy as is the split ring hanging hook will aid in attaching to various ropes or eyelets ect. The instructions are complete and I think it is worthy of the price.I could add to this review after the journey?

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    Black Diamond Voyager Review
    Verified Buyer

    I was surprised how small the light was when it arrived but it provides excellent light and is very easily packable as it takes up no room really. I usually camp on Lundy Island and have to transport my gear in a medium sized kit bag on a dive boat along with all the other passengers bags so space is limited. As a result I like compact and light weight equipment which is tough and functional and the Black Diamond Voyager certainly fits the bill.

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    Black Diamond Voyager Review
    Allan Forbes
    Verified Buyer

    This is such a nice wee design. It's much smaller than I expected and it's very nicely built. This middle - range lamp gives a good diffuse light quality and enough to happily fill a tent. I'm glad I didn't go for the lesser powered one though.

    The only minus point for me is the stiction when pulling the diffusing head out from the body.

    Happily it takes the ubiquitous AA batteries too. A great purchase!

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