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Black Diamond Stopper Standard Set
    Black Diamond Stopper Standard Set
    Purchase Black Diamond Stopper Standard Set


    The Black Diamond Stopper Standard set consists of colour coded sizes 5-11 racked on a Black Diamond OvalWire carabiner. This set is the ideal starter set.

    Black Diamond Stoppers are superb wires that have a proven track record dating from the days of Chouniard Equipment who developed them in 1972. Stoppers have been shaped to give optimum options for placement in various shaped cracks. The transverse taper permits sideways placements, particularly handy for flared or shallow cracks. The galvanised steel cable is more flexible than wires on other rocks, ensuring the Stopper is less likely to become shaken out as you climb.

    Each Stopper is colour anodised by size, this really does help identify the Stopper you require quickly. Stoppers are individually tested prior to leaving the factory so you know they will do their job.

    To find the equivalent sized Rock to a BD Stopper just take off 3. So a BD Stopper 9 is the same size as a Rock 6.

    Stoppers are also available individually or in the Pro set.

    Black Diamond Stopper Standard Set Features

    • Durable aluminium heads and steel cables
    • Transverse taper is versatile in flares, constrictions and parallel cracks
    • Rounded edges for easy cleaning
    • All racked on an OvalWire carabiner
    • Colour coded sizes
    • Total sets weight 281g

    5 8.4 / 13.5mm 6Kn 18g Purple
    6 10.2 / 15.5mm 10Kn 32g Green
    7 11.7 / 16.3mm 10Kn 34g Red
    8 13.5 / 18.3mm 10Kn 37g Yellow
    9 15.2 / 20.8mm 10Kn 39g Blue
    10 17.3 / 23.4mm 10Kn 43g Grey
    11 20.1 / 26.7mm 10Kn 51g Purple

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