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Black Diamond Spot
    Black Diamond Spot
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    • Black Diamond Spot

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    The Black Diamond Spot Headtorch delivers an ultrabright 300 lumen output from its powerful main QuadPower LED that can penetrate darkness providing a bright beam for up to 80m. The Spot ensures excellent visibility in the darkest conditions, whether you're trekking or scrambling down a gully at the end of the day.

    At camp when close proximity light is required to pitch, cook and read simply switch DoublePower white LED. Both the white LEDs outputs can be easily adjusted using Power Tap Technology, until the required light level is reached. The single power red LED provide good proximity lighting without compromising night vision.

    The Spot has a 3 level power meter allowing you to preserve battery life when you're out for longer periods. The Spot uses 3 AAA batteries, either alkaline or lithium.

    The Spot is an LED headtorch with unregulated output.

    Black Diamond Spot Headtorch Features

    • 1 QuadPower LED, 1 DoublePower white LEDs and 1 SinglePower red LED
    • Red night vision mode has proximity and strobe settings, and activates without cycling through the white mode
    • Sleek, low profile design uses 3 AAA batteries
    • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night vision and lockout
    • Protected against water immersion down to 1 m (3.3 ft) for 30 minutes (IPX 8)
    Black, Octane or Aluminium
    90g (inc batteries)
    IPX Rating :
    QuadPower LED
    Power Mode Lumens Burn Time Distance
    Max 300 25hrs 80m
    Min - 180hrs 10m

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    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Spot

    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Verified Buyer

    Cracking light output, but fiddly and unnecessarily complex to use.To me, simplicity and reliability are far more important than fancy sounding features: I need it to be usable wearing gloves in pretty unpleasant conditions.The spot uses a single switch that gives infinitely variable output (rather than switching between 'dim' / 'bright' / 'blinding' etc) by holding the button down as it dims. The plus point is that switching on/off retains the setting, so no being forced to fire it up in 'dazzling' before switching to reading guidebook in tent mode. Nice in theory or with warm dry ungloved hands in the store, not so easy to use in real situations unless very 'friendly'. I found the 'Power Tap' technology horrendously counterintuitive and unreliable, and just not what you want when using gloves, on a route, on a bike, or anything where I actually need the thing to do it's job reliably when I'm otherwise focussing on not dieing.

    The instructions are wholly inadequate so I spent ages trying to work it out, not sure whether I'd accidentally done something (undefined) with 'powertap' or whether the torch and a fault and just couldn't be switched between modes I expected (I thought there'd be some way of combing flood and spot in a controllable way, as with Petzl torches, but not really (you can do a kind of 'overdrive' to get the stated 300 lumens, but that just means full spot + full flood - otherwise the max is really a nominal 150 lumens). I really wouldn't recommend this for a serious user unless you've already tried this version of the Spot out in anger and found that it works for you - more likely to appeal if you're more into gimmicks and aren't that demanding? In end I sent it back for exchange for (yet) another Petzl... brilliant service as ever, Facewest!Thanks.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    David Martin
    Verified Buyer

    First the good: the BD Spot provides a massive amount of light in a small package. It is comfortable to wear and has an assortment of different modes (dimming, strobe, red light, etc)

    But, the unit is utterly let down by a major design flaw: the locking mechanism.Holding down the power button for 7 seconds engages the lock, intended to prevent inadvertently switching the light on. A lock that is (de)activated by nothing more than a constant pressure for a relatively short period on the torch's main button is all but useless and I've lost count of the number of times I've opened my bag to find the light on!!

    So, unfortunately, and as a safety critical item of kit, I have little confidence that when I need to use my Spot it won't have an empty battery :-(

    My rucksack (Paraglider) is loosely packed so this isn't a result of too much pressure and I have since noticed others reporting similar problems.A shame as it is an otherwise good unit.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Alistair McMinn
    Verified Buyer
    Worcester, UK

    Rugged yet easy to use with useful features to boot. Especially useful is the lock mode as the headlight stays in my cargo pocket when not used and I kept running batteries down, and then finding I couldn't use it when I really needed it. Very bright with good beam pattern. Only real downside is that it is a little weighty, but more than makes up for it with the good points.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    T Perret
    Verified Buyer
    Chatel, France

    Great head torch - strong beam, weighs very little and easy to function - excellent choice!

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Verified Buyer

    Nice bright light much better than my petzl tikka plus. A bit fiddly trying to open battery compartment. Nice and light when running. Not sure how water resistant yet as only used on dry nights so far.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Verified Buyer

    I have used the Black Diamond Spot mainly for general camping as well as some alpine routes and as a back up light in caves.

    For camping this torch excels. It is comfy to wear, can use the high power spot light and lower lighting levels for different tasks, which is useful. Modes are easy to switch between.

    I haven't really found a use for the red lighting, so this is a bit of a pointless feature for me.For alpine routes I have only used it on easy stuff, but it was easily powerful enough. I'm not sure what it's like on technical ground, but can imagine it will be ok.

    The only possible drawback is the lack of waterproofness. Other similar torches are available that are waterproof. Its probably not a good idea to take this down wet caves (though it has survived at least one!).

    Overall a solid torch with decent battery life and 2 useful lighting modes.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Verified Buyer

    Just ordered this from Facewest because they've supplied the best price for the NEW 2014 Model of this headlamp.I've already ordered a sleeping mat from them and was happy with the post arrive in 6 days to Hungary a bit lengthy but still on the acceptable side :)

    About this lamp I managed to check out the previous 2013 version in comparison with the various Petzl models including the Tikka2 XP+ and I think it was superior in the light output but the red light of it was weaker and the battery compartment door also seems less solid but I have red filters for flashes so I can just make one for the main Triple power LED and it'll be even better than the Petzl one.

    I think price and quality wise it's one of the best choices choosing and buying this headlamp.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    Christer Andersson
    Verified Buyer

    Just bought this headlamp and used it on a recent camping trip. The different light functions and size are perfect and I can recommend this product. The one thing I'm not sure of is its use in wet environments, since it lacks any o-ring/water protection. I believe there might be a problem with it in heavy rain being that the battery compartment is not fully protected. However I have nothing to compare it to, and for all I know it might work great even in wet conditions.

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    Black Diamond Spot Review
    john reynolds
    Verified Buyer
    shenstone wood end, lichfield, staffs,

    I used to buy cheap head torches but having done the ldwa games 100 I could not read the map or route because of the rain and light not bright enough. The Black Diamond is superb, white light instead of blue.

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