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Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron
    Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron
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    The Black Diamond RockLock Magnetron uses the revolutionary Black Diamond locking system that is secured with magnets. Inserted into the nose of the carabiner is a piece of steel, while the gate 'clips' are magnets. When the gate is open the magnets oppose each other keeping the gate unlocked. When the gate is closed the magnets snap tight onto the steel insert and the carabiner is locked instantly, it is this fast secure locking mechanism that makes this carabiner super safe.

    Rocklocks feature a keylock nose which reduces snagging on the rope, and the Rocklocks large size means it is easy to fit several clove hitches on one carabiner while rigging belays. When you need a large screwgate for belaying and rigging ropes the Rocklock is the carabiner you want.

    Black Diamond RockLock Magnetron Features

    • Magnetic attraction to a steel insert in the carabiner nose
    • Locking arms must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened
    • Square hinge end holds belay loop securely in place
    • Slightly curved spine maximizes gate opening
    • Keylock nose prevents snagging
    • One-hand operable

    24kN 8kN 7kN 21mm 87g

    Note: The Magnetron carabiners should not be used within 50cm of an avalanche transceiver as the magnet may interfere with these. Therefore, the Magnetrons are not suitable for ski touring use or winter climbing if using a transceiver.

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    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Rocklock Magnetron

    Black Diamond RockLock Magnetron Review
    Tiberiu Buzdugan
    Verified Buyer

    Very nice locking mechanism, easy to use even with the mitts on, making it great for winter. Unfortunately, it's very heavy and more expensive than any other locking biner on the market, and I don't think that just the lock system justifies the steep price. But for showing off or for the people who want to try something new, it's a good addition to the rack.

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