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Black Diamond Recon BT
    Black Diamond Recon BT
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    The Black Diamond Recon BT is a simple transceiver with some additional functions to improve the search. It is based on the Pieps DSP Sport, but with added Bluetooth capability and improved functionality. As Pieps and Black Diamond are owned by the same company this is the same as the Pieps Powder BT.

    Best For

    Recreational users who wants a relatively simple device with a mark function and more than the absolute basic features.


    The Bluetooth connection allows the management of settings, software updates and battery optimization. This is done via a smartphone or tablet using the Pieps mobile app.

    Operation and Search

    The Recon BT has a large segmented screen to display all the search information. The search, send, off is controlled by a slider and there is a single button on the front of the device which controls the marking.

    The Recon BT has a very good range of 60m, this is also circular in shape rather than elliptical so it's more likely to pick up a signal from further than other transceivers without this detection pattern. The search works in much the same way as other transceivers with distance and direction displayed once a signal is detected.

    Multiple Burials

    For multiple burials the Recon BT displays an icon for each different signal received (1, 2, 3 and 4 or more). It will lock onto the strongest signal and guide you to that victim. It has a mark function which will ignore the marked signal so you can search for another victim, leaving others to do the fine search and dig up the person you have already found.

    Additional Functions

    The Recon BT features automatic interference protection which allows it to switch between its antennas should it detect interference. It will also display if it detects a signal from an older device which is not transmitting as expected and which may not be detected by other units. It features support for the Pieps iProbe.

    Firmware Version:
    3 x AAA batteries (included)
    Battery Life:
    200hrs (send)
    115 x 75 x 28mm

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