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Black Diamond Orbit
    Black Diamond Orbit
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    The Black Diamond Orbit is a pocket-sized mini lantern. It's the perfect size for backcountry excursions where weight and pack-space are at a premium and it doubles up as a torch, making it easier to use on the move or when you're looking through your pack for specific items.

    A single Double power LED provides 105 lumens at maximum power and will last for 70hrs on it's lowest setting. The Lantern's compact body can be extended from 102mm to 140mm and it can be securely attached to a tent or branch with the hooks on top. Light output can be adjusted according to the situation using a useful dimming switch.

    The Black Diamond Orbit Lantern is ideal for backpackers, campers and trekkers looking for a lightweight camp light.

    Black Diamond Orbit Lantern features:

    • 105 Lumens
    • Double hanging hooks
    • Telescoping globe (102mm-140mm)
    • Dual reflectors
    • 1 Double Power LED
    • 57mm x 102mm (140mm extended)
    • 4 x AAA batteries (not included)
    • 70h battery life
    Vibrant Orange

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