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Black Diamond Ice Clipper
    Black Diamond Ice Clipper
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    • Black Diamond Ice Clipper

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    The Black Diamond Ice Clipper is a specially designed racking crab for winter climbers to simplify the process of selecting, grabbing and placing screws.

    The Clipper, with updated geometry for winter 2017, it now has a textured flat top making it easier to move the screws out of the way. It has a flat bottom so that up to six screws sit neatly together without snagging when you come to remove them. An integrated clip sits in the ice clipper slots on your harness and is designed to eliminates rotating.

    To remove a screw first pick the size you're after, then grab it and lift the other screws on the clipper to the top of the crab where they'll catch allowing you to simply pull the screw down to release. All this is easily done with either hand even in thick gloves.

    Black Diamond's handy ice screw placing tips

    • Use two Ice Clippers on each side of the harness offset from the gear loops
    • Rack your screws by length for the fastest access and to get the right length screw in the right placement
    • Rack quickdraws in the front and on both sides.
    • Be proficient at placing screws with either hand because the best placements won't always be on your strong side
    • Place cordelettes, extra long slings, belay screws and belay devices on your subordinate side around the back since you will most likely be standing on a ledge when accessing this gear
    • Your mission is to be able to place a screw and clip it in less than 1 minute.

    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Ice Clipper

    Black Diamond Ice Clipper Review
    Verified Buyer
    Serres Greece

    A lot of times the wire of the gate gets out of its place an you drop your ice screws. And now with very litle force they broke... it's almost like they are made to fail...(so you 'll lose your ice screws and buy more...)

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    Black Diamond Ice Clipper Review
    Verified Buyer

    I am not a climber but bought a BD couloir harness early season for glacier skiing. I went on a crevasse rescue course (recommended) and realised that I needed to carry more gear. The harness has only two gear loops but four clipper slots. I bought two clippers, one for each side, as recommended. I was unsure whether to buy the Black Diamond or Petzl but decided to stick with BD and its construction whilst light weight seems perfectly robust. When attached to the clipper slots this will give me the flexibility needed for carrying ice screws and other gear.

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    Black Diamond Ice Clipper Review
    Verified Buyer
    Sutton Coldfield

    A great contender for racking screws. I use mine to rack both Petzl Laser Speeds and also Grivel 360 screws. The only problem I have, and it is not the Ice Clipper, is that my backpack waist strap sits on the Ice Clipper.

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    Black Diamond Ice Clipper Review
    stuart coupe
    Verified Buyer

    The clippers fit nicely into the slots on my Arcteryx harness and I have used the included rubber device for extra security. I managed to get about 5 black diamond express screws on a clipper - any more, I felt would be risking a fumble getting one out.

    Very easy to get the screws off the clipper and even easier to get them back on when seconding.Might be difficult to fit to a harness with a belt more than 7 cm wide. I have tried the Petzl flutes which I find bulky to carry and more awkward to get the screws into and out of. Sometimes the points of short screws got caught on my leg when stepping up.

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    Black Diamond Ice Clipper Review
    Nick Smith
    Verified Buyer

    A good clipper for racking ice screws one-handed, this should fit most harnesses even if they don't have dedicated ice clipper 'slots'. It comes with a rubber strip that goes on the inside of the harness waist belt, and is secure & comfortable.

    I have 2 fitted to the Arc'teryx R320 harness, between the gear loops. If your harness has slots, the Petzl Caritool may be a better fit.

    One problem with the Black Diamond model is the metal clip regularly pops out the wrong way, which means your screws can fall off the clipper. Perhaps a different plastic with less flex would help this.

    Nick Smith,

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