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Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron
    Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron
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    The Black Diamond GridLock Magnetron uses the revolutionary Black Diamond locking system that is secured with magnets. Inserted into the nose of the carabiner is a piece of steel, while the gate 'clips' are magnets. When the gate is open the magnets oppose each other keeping the gate unlocked. When the gate is closed the magnets snap tight onto the steel insert and the carabiner is locked instantly, it is this fast secure locking mechanism that makes this carabiner super safe.

    The Gridlock Carabiner is a belay carabiner which solves the problem of the crab rotating on your belay loop and being cross-loaded in the event of a fall. This is a potential point of weakness since carabiners are inherently less strong on their minor axis. The Gridlock solves this problem by adding a spur to the gate which makes it almost two carabiners in one. First you clip the Gridlock into your harness with the main carabiner eye. Then you pull the carabiner to make your belay loop captive in the smaller eye of the crab. Finally you clip in your plate and rope and belay as normal.

    Black Diamond GridLock Magnetron Features

    • Magnetic attraction to a steel insert in the carabiner nose
    • Locking arms must be individually depressed before the gate can be opened
    • Hot-forged construction
    • Patent-pending design eliminates cross loading while belaying
    • I-beam spine transitions into a rounded, large rope-bearing surface
    • Intuitive and easy-to-use design

    22kN 8kN 7kN 22mm 78g

    Note: The Magnetron carabiners should not be used within 50cm of an avalanche transceiver as the magnet may interfere with these. Therefore, the Magnetrons are not suitable for ski touring use or winter climbing if using a transceiver.

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    Customer Reviews of Black Diamond Gridlock Magnetron

    Black Diamond GridLock Magnetron Review
    Jeremy Coleman
    Verified Buyer
    Saffron Walden, Essex

    Although some may say that the Magnetron lock is a solution looking for a problem, I find it a excellent piece of engineering.I already have the standard Gridlock, and could not resist this version.

    The lock mechanism is very quick to operate and can easily be opened while wearing gloves. It does not of course have to be relocked, as it is self locking.Other than that it offers the same anti cross-loading benefits as the standard version.

    However, only after purchase did I find a major issue for my intended application which is ski touring.


    It was only when reading the Black Diamond supplied instruction sheet, that I found the pictogram indicating, that neither of the Magnetron carabiners can be used within 50cm of an Avalanche Transceiver.This makes them useless for ski touring, as it will never be more than 50cm from your transceiver when attached to your harnesses belay loop (unless you are a very funny shape).I assume that it is an interference issue, but not something to be risked.

    So, 5 stars as a climbing product, but 1 star for use when skiing with a transceiver.

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