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Beal Folio Rope Bag
    Beal Folio Rope Bag
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    • Beal Folio Rope Bag

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    The Beal Folio Rope Bag is a super-simple tarp and shoulder bag which is designed to keep your rope neat and tangle-free. The Folio tarp is 85×110cm, easily large enough to accommodate a single rope for indoor climbing or cragging. The tarp rolls up into a simple shoulder bag allowing you to quickly move between routes, getting more climbing done and making the most of your day.

    Beal Folio Rope Bag:

    • Compact shoulderbag carry
    • Colourcoded tie-in points for easy idenfication of rope-ends
    • Adjustable, padded shoulder strap
    • Tarp 110×85cm

    Customer Reviews of Beal Folio Rope Bag

    Beal Folio Rope Bag Review
    Tillman Schauble
    Verified Buyer
    Melbourne, Australia.

    My first rope bag and am very pleased. For the price I can't see how it could any better really. The shoulder pad is much more comfy than I expected. And buckles used to secure the bag shut are very solid. The stitching looks very well done too.

    Fits my 50m rope, plus harness, chalk bag and shoes all bundled up nice and securely and with room to spare, I estimate it could fit a 70-80m rope as it looks like I could fit just under two of my 50m ropes. There are two little loops on each end of the bag to attach any accessories to with a carabiner (water bottle, spare pare of shoes, loops of draw), which is handy. They do seem like they would rip of they caught on something and were pulled too hard though.

    The tarp isn't huge, and does make you flake a bit neater than you otherwise might. But that's not necessarily a bad thing in my books.

    The only thing I really wish it had (which would make it a 5/5) was an outer zippered pocket, then it would make the perfect gym bag too as I could take my wallet, keys and such things along with me!! But a positively great buy none-the-less. Definitely recommend. I would rate this a 4.5/5 if I could.

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    Beal Folio Rope Bag Review
    Verified Buyer

    Sturdy rope bag. I bought it for my Top Gun II, after the free bag was torn apart. The shoulder strap is quite good, for around half hour approach walks it is adequate. The aforementioned rope is 60m, and fits nicely. The tarp is useful for lazy climber who do not want to coil it after every climb on single-pitch routes.

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    Beal Folio Rope Bag Review
    Alex A
    Verified Buyer

    Great sturdy bag, feels well made, enough space to carry a 35m rope (I only have one rope, but I think it would be good enough for a 60m length too) comfy to use, sorted. If you're going to go for a long trek with your rope, then would recommend a backpack but for indoor climbing & sports routes, it's just the thing.

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