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BCA Tracker 3
    BCA Tracker 3
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    Best For

    The Tracker 3 is the perfect choice for those requiring an easy to use transceiver with up to date internal technology but few user selectable funtions. The Tracker 3 has 3 antenna and a full suite of digital processing tools but BCA have stuck to their ethos of the way the Tracker 3 is when you turn it on is how just about everyone should use it.

    The Tracker 3 is 20% smaller and lighter than the Tracker 2 and is the thinnest multi-antenna transceiver available today.

    The Tracker 3 does have a button on the front which is used for Signal Supression and Big Picture Mode.Signal Suppression (Digital Masking) is where once the first transmitter is located it can be suppressed so you can move onto the next one before full recovery. Big Picture mode allows you to get an overview of the entire rescue scenario by displaying all distances and directions of signals being transmitted at the same time. This buttonis black on a black background because BCA want you to know the button is there and why rather than press it when the search is not going well.

    Ease of Use

    The Tracker 3 is controlled by a dial on the top with a lock slider. It takes 2 thumbs to turn on / transmit and 2 thumbs to enter search mode but only 1 thumb to go back to search. For searching the Tracker 3 is really easy to use, especially in standard mode. To use the special modes it's just a couple of long presses of the black button.

    Maximum Compatibility

    An important feature of the Tracker 3, Tracker 2 and original Tracker, and one that is easy to miss, is that of all the new digital transceivers the Trackers are the most backwards compatible with old analogue transceivers. All digital transceivers will detect a correctly functioning analogue transceiver but BCA transceivers are the best at picking up ones that are no longer transmitting within the agreed frequency window.

    About You

    The BCA Tracker 3 is an easy to use transceiver but still has a couple of more advanced search functions for those that understand them and want to use them. A great intermediate transceiver.

    Battery Life
    Transmit Only Search Only 200hrs in Transmit
    Switched to Search
    250 hrs 50 hrs 1 hr

    BCA-Tracker-3 Features

    • Rapid processor and simple user interface
    • Real-time, digital display shows direction and distance
    • Multiple burial indicator light
    • Bright red LEDs
    • Frequency: 457 kHz
    • Batteries: three AAA alkaline
    • Range: 50 meters
    • Certified to be in compliance with all applicable North American and European norms.
    • Includes a protective carrying case
    Unit weight with batteries:
    Harness weight:
    11.5 x 7.1 x 2.4cm

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