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Aquapac Whanganui Case
    Aquapac Whanganui Case
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    • Aquapac Whanganui Case

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    The Aquapac Whanganui Case has been designed to protect valuable electronic goods from being damaged or broken by excessive rain and water. The really nice thing is touch screen devices can still be used via the TPU window and conversations can still be heard on your phone. The Whanganui comes in five sizes so you can protect anything from your iPod through to your PSP and on to your iPad.

    Made from tough TPU material that is UV stabilised, protecting it from breaking down in sunlight, the unit is sealed tight by simply turning the Aquaclip levers, a raised V then compresses the TPU into a V groove.

    Please be aware:
    • The iPhone 4 has sharp edges that may puncture the Aquapac case, a thin bumper case should be used to prevent this.
    • iPhones can actually be quite sticky to get into a Aquapac. Gentle shaking of the pack will ease them in, please see the video.

    Aquapac Whanganui Case Features

    • Guaranteed submersible to 15ft/5m and keeps dust and sand out
    • Works perfectly on almost any touchscreen
    • Floats safely if dropped in water (size dependent)
    • The seams are high-frequency welded to form a super-strong bond
    • The Aquaclip opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers and everything stays in one piece even when open
    • Supplied with a lanyard
    Size Height (flat) Width (flat) Floats?
    Suitable for
    Micro 165mm 85mm No iPhones 1-4
    Mini GPS
    Mini 205mm 85mm Mostly yes
    but NOT iPhones
    iPhone 5
    Mobile phones
    Mini GPS
    Small 195mm 115mm Yes GPS
    HTC Desire
    Galaxy Note
    Medium 250mm 153mm Yes Kindle K3, K4, Touch
    Sony PSP
    iPad Mini

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    Customer Reviews of Aquapac Whanganui Case

    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Verified Buyer
    Milton Keynes

    Bought this for my iPhone 6 Plus (in Otterbox case) as I wanted a waterproof case that meant I could view the screen when out in all weathers scrambling, cycling and running.

    The touchscreen still works fine through the case directly. I don't use a screen protector so can't comment if that would make a difference. I've used it with great results for checking photos of guidebooks, making the odd call and connecting to bluetooth headphones when out and about. Not used the camera & don't think it would get a very good photo through the case and obviously the fingerprint unlock doesn't work, but didn't but it to use those features.

    Overall, for the price, a great product that protects my phone from water, dirt and sweat & still gives me access to the functions I want from my phone.

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Verified Buyer

    Does a good job of keeping an iphone completely dry - even for underwater photos whilst canoeing and for splashy photos when rafting. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the camera lens in the right place and it was occasionally tricky to use the touch screen, but these are minor points compared with the overall usefulness of the case.

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Verified Buyer
    Heddon on the Wall, Newcastle Upon Tyne

    Perfect case and the touch screen works nicely though the plastic. Also if all the air is expelled and the phones camera is in the right position then it seems to interfere little with photo quality. The sizing of the cases is a little confusing if your phone is not one mentioned. The dimensions are external rather than perhaps the more useful internal dimensions. I grossly undersized and had to send the case back, though the exchange was hassle free.

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Verified Buyer
    Holmbury St. Mary

    I bought the Aquapac Mini for my iPhone 5 thinking that spending £20 to protect a £200+ phone from the elements would be a worthwhile investment. The phone fits very snuggly into the top of the case and I have a slight concern that I might rip the plastic material while inserting the phone into it with the tightness of the space/fit. While I haven't submerged it yet, the material quality looks good and it was, after all, designed for this purpose so I suspect it will be fine. The design is a simple one and the fittings reasonably useable even with gloved hands. The fact that the phone can be operated and heard while in the case is a very valuable feature.Pros: Use of the phone while in the case; flat and slim design and so not too bulky when hung under a top or placed within a pocket; neck-cord for attachment to you/a pack to prevent loss.Cons: A slightly larger size allowing other items to be stored at the same time could be useful although this could make it bulkier.A worthy investment given the replacement cost of a phone. More expensive than some alternatives but a useful piece of equipment nonetheless.

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Verified Buyer

    I purchased the small size Whanganui Case for use with my Samsung S4 mini. It's a little on the large size for this particular model, but the case is so well made that I think it will probably be used for a couple of generations of phones to come. I also sized it a little larger deliberately so that it will be useful with any future GPS purchase I may make.

    Although I have only been using the case for around a month I have seen examples owned by friends that have been in use daily for two years or more and the case is still clear and shows no sign of UV degradation.The brightly coloured included tether is a nice touch, helping you locate the phone or GPS in a rucksak or tent quickly. It's also useful for clipping to a pack or a belt for added security.

    The phone can be a bit on the sticky side when inserting or removing it from the case as the material used is quite clingy with glass. Realistically that's something that happens twice a day or twice a trip. It's a non issue, it takes a second or two extra to insert or remove the phone.

    Of course I had to do the obligatory sink test with my phone. The Whanganui passed with flying colours! So far so good and I'm looking forward to using this to the full.

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Tiberiu Buzdugan
    Verified Buyer
    Sector 2, Bucuresti

    I have the Whanganui Case in 3 sizes: Mini - for iPhone, Small - for HTC, GPS, keys and wallet and one Large for iPad or books. They all perform very well, don't leak and are tear resistant.

    Because of the clean plastic skin, you can use it also as an underwater case for a small camera/phone. Although it's pretty expensive, it usually protects something a lot more valuable, so it's worth it.

    The only downside I find is that some droplets always drip inside when you open the case after submerging. (same problem with all the sizes)

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    Aquapac Whanganui Case Review
    Derek Blackburn
    Verified Buyer

    This waterproof case is perfect fit for my iPhone. When I ordered it I wasn't sure if the touch screen would work as it is electrostatic, rather than pressure activated. It works perfectly! These are really waterproof - I tested it underwater in the sink at home with an old phone to check, leaving it there for a good 15 minutes. The pack is just the right size and is clear enough to take a decent enough photo ( if you press the plastic skin around the lens area so that it 'seals on. If you are using this case, then take off any silicone phone skin you may have - it will be very sticky trying to get the phone inn and out. Bare, the phone slips in easily, and the Aquapac protects it anyway.

    This case lets you view your maps, or whatever apps you have, with ease and no worries about the weather. Equally, no need to put your phone in your backpack and throw it over in case you miss you jump and fall into a stream!

    It might not be cheap for what you get - but it's only about 5% of the cost of a new phone.

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