Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball


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Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball

Wild Country's Pure Chalk Ball contains their own exclusive chalk; blended, baked, crushed and formed to produce a simple white powder with no additives or drying agents this is why it's Pure

The ball is made from a stretch fabric that is filled with 60g of Pure chalk which is released at just the right rate to cover your hands and fingers with the minimum amount of waste so this ball should last you well.

Chalk ball use is encouraged at climbing walls as they reduce the amount of chalk in the air making the climbing more pleasant.

The Wild Country Chalk Ball no longer has drawcord allowing it to be refilled.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Features

  • Wild country's exclusive chalk
  • No Additives or drying agents
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Customer Reviews of Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball

from 13 Reviews

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Dr G, 01/09/2019

My climbing days are over but I still use pure chalk for calisthenics/gymnastics. Not caring for the liquid kind, I've had a lot of success with this Wild Country version - it's no different in my opinion to more expensive makes.

Sure - all balls of chalk are pretty messy (keep it in a large plastic food bag & put your hands in the bag to squeeze/roll the ball around. When it's nearly finished, I cut it open & use the loose stuff inside.

No clumping & good grip quality. Would definitely buy again.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, James, 01/05/2016

I actually purchased this chalk ball for use in the weights gym. It applies the perfect amount of chalk with no excess. It looks as if it will wear well and last for a long period of time. I can't see why a more expensive chalk would be purchased as this seems to be very good value for money.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Kevin, 06/17/2015

What can I say about this fine chalk ball. Hand sweat no worries. The balls been in use for a month or so. Does what it says on the tin so to speak.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Dominic , 03/23/2015

Took this out on a climb for the first time last week. Just the right size to grip in the hand and get a good dusting without too much excess chalk. Does exactly what it promises.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, John , 02/16/2015

My favourite chalk ball. After an hour or so of use the ball loosens up well and dispenses a perfect amount of chalk. The chalk is of a very high quality and contains no additives, and is perfect for sensitive skin. Lasts me much longer than loose chalk (mostly due to lack of spillage) and avoids caking when going for a quick chalk whilst climbing. Great value too- highly recommended.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Simon , 12/21/2014

Great chalk ball. I've only used indoors so far and perfect dispensing in this environment.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, sebastian , 06/20/2014

Great chalk ball at first it lets only a little through because of the fine mesh but after you have broken it in a bit it gives you plenty of chalk. The chalk it's self is fantastic to and doesn't come off to quickly, so all in all a fantastic chalk ball.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, LESLIE DAVID MORRIS, 06/20/2012

This is an excellent product which causes minimum mess. I do not climb indoors but I can see that it would be especially useful for this application. I use it with a smaller amount of dry chalk. The chalk ball effectively seals the chalk bag thus limiting spillage. I have not noticed any drying out of skin, so all in all it is very effective & I can see that it will last some considerable time.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Alex A, 04/03/2012

The chalk in the Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball has very good absorption, and a decent duration, for me at least five metres on a tough climb. Provides very good friction, quite a smooth powder and at a very good price.

Wild Country claim the Pure Chalk range is better on the hands because it is additive free. While I would refute that as a tenuous claim, I have found I still need to moisturise my hands just as often after climbing with this as with other chalks.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Thom Milburn, 05/17/2011

What can we say, it's chalk right?


This is a good item and they do hold their contents for a long time, but this is partly due to the fine mesh of the ball itself not allowing chalk to escape. A good coating of chalk (needed on a hot indoor climbing wall) can be very hard to obtain where their balls wont suffer so much. Not really what you want when hanging one handed from a climb.

Plus sides are that they are well made, and as said do last a long time. Cheap and cheerful, and easy to refill if you're that way inclined!

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Jonathan Knapp, 05/02/2011

Great chalk at a good price, performs well on the bouldering wall, I do have one complaint though, the first one I bought burst the first time I gave it a squeeze, it was kindly replaced by Facewest free of charge but the second one was already burst in the bag. I have had to re-tie both of them.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Yek Lee, 12/07/2010

Best chalk I have used!Additives to other chalk balls make them very powdery and it goes every where, this sticks to your fingers where you need them.The cost is same as others, but of a higher quality chalk.I wouldn't use anything else.

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball Review, Nick, 09/21/2010

Wild country pure chalk ball is a great aid if you suffer, like me, from eczema or other hand rashes. Since it's devoid of additives or agents, there's no side effects which I've previously experienced from moon dust, etc. Also, the refillable cord makes it great value for money, as a new ball costs £2, but a bag of chalk with plenty of refills only costs 4 or £5.

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