Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack


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Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack
Neoair Pump Sack

Neoair Pump Sack

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In use

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack

The Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack is a 40 litre stuff sack that can be used to inflate your Neoair mattress with the added bonus of it doubling up as a camp stool. To use it as a pump the valve on a Neoair must be inserted through the reinforced hole in the base of the sack. Air can then be forced into the mattress by rolling the sack towards the valve. Once inflated you can roll your mat up, put it inside the stuff sack and turn your mattress into a camp stool.

Although not completely waterproof as the Pump Sack has a drawcord closure not a roll top and a small hole in the bottom, it does makes a good rucksack liner as all the seams are taped.

Size Dimensions Weight Fits
Regular 33 x 69cm 77g Regular - 51cm wide
Daybreak Orange

Customer Reviews of Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack

from 8 Reviews

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Andrew, 05/02/2019

Bought this to add air to a new Thermarest MonoKing 3D mattress. It is very light and simple in operation - really neat idea. However I found it tricky keeping thesac attached to the mattress whilst pumping - the elasticated mouth seemed to get pulled off rather easily.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Simon, 05/12/2016

Light, robust and good quality. It pumps up my thermarest bed in about 4 goes. It's also a great backpack liner.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Lars, 07/21/2015
I wanted a pumpsack for my NeoAir-matrass and this one does a good job to easily fill the matress with air. Five star for that function.Unfortunately it has a draw-string opening and not a roll-top so the opening is not waterproof. Funny choise since the seams are taped for waterproofness.That's why I only gave it a 4 star rating. I quite easily improved my sack with a roll-top closure -a pair of buckles, a nylon strap and some sewing, so now it's a five star bar for me! And what about the pump hole, not very waterproof is it? I just put a rubber- or plastic bag/sheet/something over the hole on the inside, and it will be hold in place by what´s inside the bag and make it fairly waterproof.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Anders, 05/07/2015

Huffing & puffing your campingmat after a hard days walk can be a but of a struggle and leave you with a headache, so I would recommend the Thermarest pump-sack that I use, it really works like a charm! The pumphole is quite flexible, so my friends are using it all the time to their other brand sleeping mats as well! This sack-pump works really well, trapping the air and pushing it into the mat without letting go of the mat. It folds down neatly and is really worth the small extra weight/space in my pack. You can use it as a pack-sack as well as sitting on, but I keep it folded on top on my Neoair Xlite inside of the included neoair packsack. Highly recommended!

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Georgios , 04/08/2015

It serves it's purpose really well. The included stuff sack with my thermarest mat also doubles as a small volume pump bag. This one inflates the mat much faster. Be warned that this is not a generic inflating pump bag and will (likely) only work with thermarest products. It is the perfect size to use as a liner in my 45lt pack but i still cannot review on how water proof it is. I don't see any reason for not giving it 5 stars.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Vitor , 02/09/2015

Perfect companion for the Neoair xlite mat (fills it up with approx. six bags of air), lightweight it takes no place in the backpack. No more dizziness with mouth filling!

ps: still needs a last mouth filling for final pressure.

Doubles as very comfortable seat with the mat rolled inside and partially filled.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, Stephen , 12/17/2014

This is pretty well essential if you have a neoair as unlike a traditional thermorest mattress they don't self inflate and you are blowing moisture into the mattress every time if you inflate orally. Over time this can't be good for the mattress or indeed the insulation properties of the mattress as moist air will conduct better than 'dry' air from the pump sack. I was slightly disappointed to find you can't really use the pump sack as your main dry bag as the top closure is only a drawcord and the bottom has the valve hole in it! There is a nylon strap which 'covers' the hole, but I wouldn't want to try submerging my kit and expecting it not to get wet. This is a pity as with minor changes it could fulfil this dual role fully.

Positives: Easy and quick to inflate your neo air with dry air, kind of works as a stool with the neoair in it, pretty light and almost useable as a secondary kit bag in your pack

Negatives: Cost, should probably be included with the mattress, not in my opinion useable as your main pack liner due to valve hole and closure. Not sure how long the valve surround will last as you have to push the valve through quite hard.

Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack Review, RAZVAN MIHAI ULITA SINJOAN, 11/07/2012

Inflating the Neoair after a full day hike is surely an ordeal. Usually, I'm too tired for this operation. But the Thermarest Neoair Pump Sack is the solution! It can be used as a stuff sack, keeping your clothing dry and organized in your rucksack. During the night, I used it as a big pillow, filling it with clothing. But the pump function is worth every penny you pay for. The silicone hole at the bottom of the sack is smaller then the valve so you have to push it harder from the inside. Once fit, it won't go away and for my Large size Neoair I need to squeeze the sack five times. It is quicker, easier and prevents blowing humid air and saliva inside your mattress. You won't become dizzy after inflating it!

Negatives: none until now.

I highly recommend this product.

Facewest offered a very good price and a flawless service.

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