Thermarest NeoAir Xlite


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Thermarest NeoAir Xlite
NeoAir Xlite

NeoAir Xlite


Thermarest NeoAir Xlite

The Thermarest NeoAir Xlite is the lightest air mattress from Thermarest, but the weight saving has not compromised it's insulating ability. With an R-Value of 3.2 this mattress will perform easily in 3-season conditions. To achieve this Thermarest have used lighter materials that perform as well but are less durable than those used in the heavier models.

The outer fabrics have been improved and are now a soft textured fabric that provides superb next to skin comfort and are a lot quieter leading to a better nights sleep. The textured fabric also provides greater slip resistance, in other words you and your bag are less likely to slip off the mattress.

The ThermaCapture technology featured in the NeoAir Xlite is a series of baffles made from a reflective fabric which provides an almost complete barrier to radiative heat loss. Unlike the mats with which Thermarest is almost synonymous, the Neoair range is not self inflating, instead it needs to be inflated by lung or pump power leading to its great advantage, low weight.

Unsure if this is the right mat for you? Please read How to Choose a Sleeping Mat.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Features

  • ThermaCapture technology traps radiant heat
  • Triangular Core Matrix
  • Highly Packable and ultralight
  • Baffle construction minimises instability
  • Includes stuff sack

Size Dimensions Thickness Packed Weight R-Value
Small 119 x 51cm 6.3cm 23 x 9cm 230g 3.2
Regular 183 x 51cm 6.3cm 23 x 10cm 350g 3.2

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Customer Reviews of Thermarest NeoAir Xlite

from 16 Reviews

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Andrew, 03/17/2017

Latest version of the now classic super-light mat. It's not quite as noisy to sleep on at the first version and has a friendlier feel to the fabric (less crisp-packet, more over trouser-type feel). These thick, air-filled mats become chillier as it gets close to freezing and I'd not use it below 5c or so but for most UK conditions, it's ideal. The pack size it outrageous. Combined with a quilt rather than sleeping bag, I'm comfortably using a 20L bag for overnight trips now.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Mark, 06/27/2016

I'm generally disappointed with this sleeping mat. I bought the shorter version. The problems are that it is too small and too high, which means I spend all night rolling off it. I thought I'd save weight by getting this lightweight option, but it has proven to be a false economy. I'll revert to a heavier, but far more comfortable thermarest mat for everything except, perhaps, a mountain marathon, when I'll be so exhausted and so squashed up against my running partner that I won't care!

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Peter, 10/13/2015

I have mixed feelings about this mat (regular length).

It's superficially very comfortable but:

  • it takes a lot of breath to blow up
  • it feels narrow because if you don't lie dead centre and on your back you tend to roll off the side
  • the air pressure has to be exactly right - too hard and it's not terribly comfortable, too soft and you spend all night rolling off the side
  • it's too agressively tapered so if you lie on your side your feet are off the mat most of the time
  • it's thick enough to seriously reduce the headroom in a lightweight tent

The X-Lite would probably be good if you camped on rocks or a concrete floor,but that's not something I do except in very exceptional circumstances.In the end I've abandoned it and bought a Prolite short which is lighter, comfortable no matter how you lie on it and how much air you add to it.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Georgie, 08/01/2015

Very comfy. Very very warm. Easy to inflate. Super light. The only bad thing is it's pretty noisy. You'll wake yourself and your neighbour up when you turn over.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Sarah, 07/08/2015

I have used the popular self inflating thermarests for years for camping with the car, but after the cats attacked it and left it needing too many patches, it was time for a new one. The NeoAir Xlite looked like a good option - lighter than my existing mat, although only 3/4 length, and non self inflating. the weight saving was enough for me to purchase it - I have now used it on 3 camping trips.It's smaller pack size was perfect for the sea kayaking trip where space was at a premium, it takes no time at all to inflate, and is lovely and warm. I use a dry bag stuffed with kit as a pillow to add the extra length so my feet don't hang off the end, works perfectly. You can buy a regular length one which weighs a bit more, but i'll be using mine for backpacking mostly. It is not quite light enough to beat my balloon bed for mountain marathons, but would be the perfect choice for those who like a bit more comfort at the midcamp (I went from nothing to a balloon bed a few years ago so already live in luxury as far as I'm concerned!)

An excellent purchase, thoroughly recommended.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Ben, 06/21/2015

Upgraded from an old theremrest classic to this and what a fantastic bit of kit. Warm, comfy and light weight with very small pack size. Delivery was quick and very well packaged. What more can you ask for.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Richard, 06/11/2015

Just used this for the first time on the Cuillin Ridge on Skye. It's as light as can be and very comfortable and gives a good layer of air insulation. Can't fault it. Now I need to get a Thermarest pillow!

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Ciaran, 06/04/2015

I bought the small size due to it's light weight, my other mat is NeoAir Trekker. I've used the xlite on a few trips but haven't had a proper night's sleep with it and won't be taking it out anymore, the weight and space saving just isn't worth it. Problem I find is that the mat is too narrow. If I could lie still on my back all night this mightn't be an issue but I tend to twist about a bit and every time I do the mat slips from under me. This is due to narrow size as well as slippy material. Longer size might be better, though I'm not so sure, and the weight of the longer mat would be edging closer to that of the Trekker. On the plus side the insulation is excellent (I could tell this because the bits of me that ended off the mat were cold whilst those that stayed on, weren't). I haven't had an issue with noise either, as some have complained of. Mat seems robust enough.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Nigel, 05/11/2015

The Thermarest NeoAir Xlite was exactly what I was looking for in a sleeping mat, it's comfortable, warm and is very light, which makes it a bonus as it rolls up into a neat small compression bag which fits perfectly into my backpack and takes up hardly any room at all, overall perfect. Already used on a couple of trips to Wales and Scotland, and can't wait to use it in Norway on my next adventure. Highly recommended.

Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Review, Anders, 05/07/2015

I bought this mat a year ago after hearing so much about it, even if I was a bit concerned about it getting punctured and it being a bit noisy. I can now say: dont worry about it -its the best mat ever made! I own many mats, three different from thermarest alone and this one is the one I use all the time. The material is really tough, light and packs down to the size of a 0,5L nalgene bottle. I've never been bothered of noise when you wriggle around on it, so dont worry about what some of the reviews say. Since it doesnt contain any foam it dont self-inflate as other mats. Huffing & puffing it after a hard days walk can be a but of a struggle and leave you with a headache, so I would recommend the Thermarest pump-sack that I use. It really works like a charm and my friends are using it all the time to their other brand sleeping mats as well. I cannot praise this mat enough, you will never regret buying it!

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, Tim , 01/07/2015

Bought this as my ultralite thermarest of 14yrs wasn't very ultralite anymore compared with this. Size is slightly longer than the description but probably due to the shape (mummy shaped) and the length may describe usable length. Anyway, this is superlight and packs really small and is much more comfortable than my previous self inflating mattress. It was warm in cool conditions (not tested in the cold as yet) and it's possible to easily adjust the firmness as you so wish. Surface is slightly sticky which means that it's less likely to move on the floor of a tent but more importantly I loved the way this means that your bag doesn't roll with you very easily meaning less chance of getting in a twist which is great as I turn a lot when sleeping. Doesn't self inflate at all of course, but the self inflating mattresses always need a good few lungs to be comfortable anyway. Only downer is it's a little squeaky when skin or some fabrics move on it. Tiny, light and really comfortable, love it so far!

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, Andrew , 08/11/2014

A couple of years ago I purchased a Thermarest NeoAir Medium (used with a sleeping bag) and a Thermarest NeoAir Large (used with a blanket/quilt) and they are both still going strong and have performed well. So when I decided that I should reduce my pack weight, so as to make walking in the Highlands more enjoyable, then another Neoair was the obvious choice. I decided on the small size to acheive the greatest weight reduction and without the stuff sack it is just 220g, nearly half the weight of my large NeoAir. The spec states a weight of 260g, but I guess that includes the stuff sack and repair kit. I used it recently on the Skye Trail and on two further walks in the Highlands by wild camping and sleeping in bothies. I used it with a one season sleeping bag and a pillow (a stuff sack filled with my waterproofs) and had a comfortable nights sleep on all occasions, that said I rarely have problems sleeping after a long days walking. I believe this mat is a good compromise to achieve a significant weight saving whilst having a relatively comfortable sleep when the weather is warm. For me a pillow is important as I use this off the sleeping mat which results in the mat supporting both my torso and upper legs. Another unsuspected advantage of a small mat is that it is quick and easy to inflate and deflate.

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, Kristoffer Fredriksson, 11/11/2012

I highly recommend this mat. I bought the Small to complement my Exped SynMat Ultralite for trips where I want some extra weight saving and feel that I don't need a full length mat. It's incredibly light. My exemplar weighs in at ~220g with the pack sack (SynMat ~420g). The packaging size is a little smaller than listed - just below 20cm x 9cm.

The mat has kept me warm. The length and cut suits me. With my head on the mat, only my knees and below are outside. Larger persons should probably try it out before ordering. It's not the most quiet mat around. But I don't find that it's a problem.

It is easy to inflate and thanks to the one valve with screw closing it is very easy to do fine tuning if I find that I overinflated the mat. However, the valve design does make it hard to dry out moisture gathered inside the mat after a trip. But overall I think it's a tie between Exped and Thermarest valve design.

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, Daniel, 10/11/2012

Light camping mat. I really like it. I have use it on weekends trips, hiking and camping, and as spare mattress when friends come home and I have been always delighted with it. I was scared about the possibility of punctures... but it has not been a problem so far. Anyway I always put the mat over clean and flat terrain, never directly over branches or dirty ground. Doing that may be it would have been already broken.

In conclusion, the Therm-a-rest Neo Air X Lite is a very good and comfortable light camping mat, when packed it's superb for carry in the backpack, and when on use is comfortable enough for a good night sleep.

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, María Yustes, 09/07/2012

I used for the first time my Neo Air X Lite on my last climb in Pyrenees at the Frondiella S.W. We started from the Sarra lake at 19:15 p.m. and arrived to the Arrieles about 21:15. We used a bivouac that was there and I put my air bed, it only took me one minute to inflate it, where I passed a wonderful night. I had to deflate it just a little bit to adapt myself. You don´t notice its weight. Just one thing, Itook precaution and I put my old mat under it, to avoid puncture, because if that happens I would have an attack (I say this because of the price).

Thermarest NeoAir XLite Review, Sonia Quintero, 09/06/2012

My first impression when the mat arrived was so light it is, actually I was thinking in the begin that it would not been really strong or comfortable.Now I have used it for all summer in my cycling trips and I am very happy and impress about the quality, comfort and the weight/size of my Thermarest mat, also it came with a repair kit and its bag.

I would like to add the quick delivery; good customer service from Facewest. I really recommend Thermarest and Facewest.

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