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Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH)
    Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH)
    Purchase Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH)


    The Suunto MC 2 is a sighting compass aimed at professional users and those on expeditions to remote areas. The high grade steel needle has a jewel bearing that allows it to spin smoothly as the housing is moved. The mirror on this sighting compass has an etched centre line and hole to help with accuracy when taking a bearing.

    The compass housing enables declination adjustment and is also liquid filled keeping the needle stable. Another leading feature is the Clinometer that allows for measuring of slopes, handy on snowfields where you will have to assess for the risk of avalanche.

    Suunto MC 2 Features

    • 360: Degrees
    • D: Declination correction
    • L: Luminescent markings
    • CM: Centimetres
    • IN: Inches
    • NH: Northern hemisphere
    • High grade steel needle
    • Jewel bearing
    • Mirror with centre line
    • Protractor with orienteering lines
    • Clinometer for measuring slopes
    • Magnifying lens
    • Luminous markers for low light
    • Non skid foot pad grips map
    65 x 101 x 18mm

    Customer Reviews of Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH)

    Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH) Review
    Neil Wooldridge
    Verified Buyer

    A good quality Compass, happy with my purchase. I would certainly recommend this product and the supplier.

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    Not bad
    Verified Buyer

    I was disappointed that the compass arrived with one non-skid foot pad missing. Other than that, the compass was in new condition. Facewest's customer support were very co-operative and we managed to find a solution quickly. The compass otherwise seems okay.

    The map scale markings are merely painted on, whereas, the inch and centimetre markings along the edge are partly inscribed. Without the non-skid pads, I'm almost sure these markings would rub off quickly if using it on a map regularly; so make sure you don't lose any of the three non-skid pads.

    I'm not 100% confident in the plastic clip that holds the lanyard to the compass body, or the plastic adjuster at the neck end of the lanyard (I removed this and secured the end with a figure of eight knot). I'll be keeping a close eye on the clip at the compass end, though. This clip, however, could be discarded as well and something else easily improvised just for peace of mind.

    Overall, I really like the compass; it's a nice piece of equipment and it does more than just point north. The baseplate is solid and robust and the rotating bezel is equally robust and of a good and attractive design. The luminous markings work well in low light, the mirror is excellent and the little magnifier is nicely placed on the baseplate and very useful. The folding mirror has a locking facility, which is nice and keeps the rotating bezel well protected. A small alloy screwdriver for adjusting declination is attached to the lanyard and is ideal.

    I like that the compass is made in Finland and it states that on the baseplate.

    I do definitely recommend this compass and facewest for their service.

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    Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH) Review
    Verified Buyer

    I brought this to replace my previous one, that I had used for 3 years. This compass has what you need, it is a good compass, has a good inclinometer and the mirror is just right. The weight is also quite low, as other mirror compasses usually can get a bit heavy.

    I've used it for everything from navigating in a White-Out, orienting in the forest and changing lenses (and everything in-between). It works for all.

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    Suunto MC 2 (360 / D / L / CM / IN / NH) Review
    Verified Buyer

    I needed a good compass with a clinometer. This was the best price for a similar compass. The compass is well-made and as good as other makes! I used it good weather yesterday both for sighting and for measuring slope angles. Not necessary but good to test it. All in all a very good compass .

    On specs. It is a good size and fits in a camera case. It is easy to use and the luminous dial is a first-rate feature. Its construction is very solid and tough. Adjusting for declination was easy. The Romer and other scales are excellent as is the magnifier.

    In other words a first-rate compass at a good price

    I won't be getting lost

    Also fast service form Face West

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