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Suunto M3 Global Compass
    Suunto M3 Global Compass
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    The Suunto M3 Global Compass is the globally balanced version of the popular M3 compass. Global balancing means that this compass will be accurate no matter where in the world you use it. This is not a claim many other compasses can make. Please read our page on Compass Balance Zones for more information.

    The M3-G is a durable, reliable, high quality navigational aid, which will perform flawlessly in even the most demanding of conditions. It features a large liquid filled capsule and adjustable declination correction scale. Another convenient feature of this model is the serrated bezel ring, which is easy to turn even in cold conditions while wearing gloves. Due to their easy-to-read luminous markings and magnifying lenses, the M3-G is also ideally suited to navigating in conditions of poor visibility.

    Suunto M-3 Global Compass Features

    • Globally Balanced.
    • Metric and Imperial measurements
    • Control Marking Holes
    • Luminescent markings
    • Serrated bezel ring
    • Jewel bearing
    • Adjustable declination correction scale
    • Base plate with anti-slip rubber pads and rounded edges
    • Magnifying lens
    60mm x 125mm

    Customer Reviews of Suunto M3 Global Compass

    Suunto M3 Global Compass Review
    Verified Buyer

    Very responsive compass. I have used lots of other cheaper versions, and it took quite a while for them to align. Not with this compass, it is very fast. So even if you are not going abroad, the speed is a good reason to get this.The ability to adjust the declination with the tool provided is very useful.

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    Suunto M3 Global Compass Review
    Verified Buyer
    West Midlands

    Not actually used this compass in the field yet but there are some good points and some not so good on initial inspection.

    The good points are the ability to use anywhere in the world, the bezel which will make it easier to use with gloves on and the adjustable declination correction.

    Whats not so good are the clinometer for measuring slopes which quite frankly is a complete waste of time. I have a a digital version which measures slope and temperature strapped to one on my walking poles. It's far more accurate than the dial on this compass and much easier to use. The roamer scales arenot as well laid out as on a Silva compass in my opinion and the 1:25 k scale runs in the oppositedirection to that of a Silva compass and there is one scale not marked but I presume is1:15 K scale. I think black scales work better rather than red as I find them easier to readespecially if you use OS 1:50 k scale maps which have a higher prominence of red on them compared to OS 1:25 K.

    We shall see what its like in actual use but I shall still be packing my Silva compass which has never let me down!

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    Suunto M3 Global Compass Review
    Verified Buyer

    Great compass, only used on one occasion so far. Suunto seems to have a monopoly on globally balanced compasses. Clinometer is straightforward. Adjustment for magnetic declination easy. I would have preferred it to have a 1:25000 and 1:50000 romer for grid references though, and maybe a longer baseplate.

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