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Suunto A-10 Compass
    Suunto A-10 Compass
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    • Suunto A-10 Compass

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    The A10 is a handy palm sized compass perfect for hiking or orienteering. Made from durable, clear, scratch resistant acrylic that has been ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand for optimum ease of use. This light-weight compass features a fixed declination correction scale as well as a patent-pending lanyard snap-lock enabling the compass to be easily detached

    Suunto A-10 Compass Features

    • Metric and imperial map scales
    • Fixed declination correction scale
    • Jewel bearing
    • Detachable snap lock lanyard
    57 x 90mm

    Customer Reviews of Suunto A-10 Compass

    Suunto A-10 Compass Review
    Verified Buyer

    I brought this compass to use orienteering. The specific orienteering scale rulers (1:10000, 1:20,000 and 1:15000) are very useful as the maps at orienteering events could be any of these. I'm so used to using OS maps, so the rulers have helped me improve the accuracy of my navigation using different scale maps. Apart from that, everything else works the same as a normal compass and its palm sized, clear and light. Did not trust the clip for the lanyard to stay attached so threaded the lanyard directly into the baseplate.

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    Suunto A-10 Compass Review
    Philip Gwilliam
    Verified Buyer

    Described as a basic entry level compass - does its job well and the needle settles quickly. I need to use it for longer before I know if the markings last longer than on some Silva compasses.Pity about the excessive plastic packaging (at least 6 times the size of the compass).

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    Suunto A-10 Compass Review
    Marcus Dyson
    Verified Buyer

    Any light and small compass is going to be a compromise. And the Suunto A-10 is no exception. On the upside it's palm sized and extremely light, and being of good construction and from a reputable manufacturer, quality is not an issue. It is true to North and has a jewel bearing, declination scale and cm scale rules along its edges.

    If you have a map and good route finding skills, this will keep you aware of where you are and where you are heading. But if you are in more featureless terrain and aiming to take bearings by sightings - you will want a different device.

    But for its intended market - orienteering (and I use it for through hiking), this device is almost perfect. I say almost because Suunto has seen fit to include apatent-pending lanyard snap-lock enabling the compass to be easily detached but I cannot see how it locks at all, and I have no confidence that after a spirited hike, run or scramble the compass will still be attached to the lanyard. This takes an otherwise five star device down a star for me - a after all what use is it if it's not there when I need it? I replaced the lanyard on mine to remove the snap-lock.

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