Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner


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Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner

The Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner is a great way to extend the lifespan, comfort and warmth of your sleeping bag. Silk liners are far more compressible and lighter than the cheaper cotton alternatives. This makes them ideal for backpackers, trekkers and mountaineers who'll appreciate their packability as well as their comfort.

A sleeping bag liner really helps to keep your expensive sleeping bag free from dirt and grime, reducing the frequency of expensive professional cleaning. By featuring a hood, this further protects your sleeping bag from oils and moisture from your hair and face thus keeping your cowl in tip-top condition. It also has the benefit of adding up to a further 2°C to the warmth of your sleeping bag plus being silk, it adds a luxurious touch of comfort from the softness of this fabric.

A sleeping bag liner is also a must have for the ski tourer or alpinist as it is a requirement in most alpine huts, plus it takes away the itch factor when using the old WWII blankets in some huts French.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Features

  • 100% Silk
  • Easy to wash
  • Adds warmth to your sleeping bag
  • Keeps your sleeping bag clean and performing to its best
  • Stuff sack
92 x 225cm

Customer Reviews of Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner

from 14 Reviews

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Sean, 11/26/2018

I live in the Lake District and am in the process of getting in my Quality Mountain Days prior to my Mountain Leader Course. I purchased the Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner to use in tandem with my Rab Ascent 900 sleeping bag.

Last night I wild camped beneath Great Gable. The temperature dropped to -10c overnight and the flysheet was covered in ice when I awoke this morning. The fact that I only woke up at dawn is testament to the combination of the two Rab items working in tandem to give me a good night's kip.

The liner is exceptionally light weight and very comfortable to sleep in with the bonus of giving an extra couple of degrees of warmth. To be honest, I didn't buy it for the extra couple of degrees. I bought it to save having to clean the down sleeping bag so frequently. All in all, a very good bit of kit.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Lee, 11/15/2018

Excellent size. Will keep bag nice and clean. Does what it says on the box. Expensive but plenty of bang for yer buck!

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Andy, 01/21/2018

A replacement for an old favourite that disapeared from my car a few years ago. Only used this one a few times but so far is everything I had remembered & hoped for. Warm, comfortable, small and light weight. Great product.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, RWB86, 11/15/2015

This sleeping bag liner is super lightweight. It keeps your expensive four season down sleeping bag cleaner longer, reducing the need to wash and adds a degree or two too any other sleeping bags you may own. It's a must own for any camping enthusiast.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Jeremy, 10/14/2015

I bought this silk liner as I recently got a Rab down sleeping bag (to replace a synthetic that I have used for years) and did not want to turn the inside into an un-washable swamp after days in the hills. I am also intending to push my wild camping season this year and hope that the liner will give a bit of extra warmth.

I have only used the liner once on a wild camp in N Wales so far and found that it fitted the sleeping bag well. I think that it did also make the bag a tad warmer but as the temp over night was only hovering above zero, I will reserve judgement on this until later in the year.

There were only a couple of gripes. One was that the silk seemed a little stiff but I expect that a good wash will soften it up. The other was that. as I often roll about in my sleep, the liner got out of phase with the sleeping bag meaning that I woke a couple of times and had to rearrange things. There may be a way of securing the bag and liner together but I could not find it.Apart from this, it feels good value and came with a nice but somewhat tiny bag to store it in (not used as I leave the liner in place now).

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Steve, 06/17/2015

Great bit of kit. Lightweight and compact. Fits nicely in a mummy sleeping bag with room to spare. I have a Ray Mears all season sleeping bag which is wider at the shoulders than other bags, and was worried that the width would be reduced. Not a problem, it fits well. Nice touch is the draw cord for around the head.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Craig Fishwick, 05/31/2015

Excellent protection for an expensive down bag.

Looks lovely and provides a little extra warmth to the bag. Not as durable as heavy cotton liners but very lightweight...the usual trade-off.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Dave, 05/16/2015

This is a great product, it's the second Rab liner I have purchased but my other doesn't have the hood.

It also packs really small so you can either store it in the sleeping bag or the separate bag for it.I find this useful as I'm heading to Kilimanjaro and will only need this on the coldest of days.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Josh, 05/13/2015

Perfect for protection of down bags. My bag is longer than normal because of my height, so I wanted the hooded liner to protect the vulnerable hood from sweat and grime accumulation.

I've been impressed so far with the comfort of the liner, both inside the bag and by itself on a surprisingly warm night.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Georgios , 01/21/2015

This liner is indispensable now for me and is always in my backpack. I have used it already in numerous huts around the mountains in my country in every possible way: as a liner for my sleeping bag, as a sheet so I dont have to sleep with the blankets from the huts touching me, as a sheet covering me with my sleeping bah quilt style you name it. This is very versatile and I would say buy one before buying a sleeping bag if you are not sleeping outside but only in huts.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Peter , 10/09/2014

This is such a step up from my last liner! I've been using a cotton one I got in a sale for the last 10 years, and whilst that's served me well, it was heavy to carry and for whatever reason I was always repairing it! This silk one from Rab is light, soft and super comfy. The weight makes it easier to wash/dry too. Assuming you've got a mummy sleeping bag, definitely worth spending a couple of extra quid and getting the liner with the hood. For me it's usually the hood of the sleeping bag that gets dirty the quickest so...

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Jamie , 09/23/2014

This is a good quality sleeping bag liner. It's very light and packs down small. It's warm enough that I have so far been able to use it without the sleeping bag and it's very soft and luxurious. I needed something that was light, warm and soft to line my sleeping bag with and this is perfect. It is also far easier to wash and maintain than my down sleeping bag which is the reason I bought it in the first place. Overall I'm very happy with the product and the service received from Facewest.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, Declan , 08/20/2014

Bought this to use with my OMM Raid 1.6 (also bought from Facewest) to upgrade its warmth when needed and as a stand-alone emergency bag used inside a survival bag. Suits both purposes really well although the latter only in dire emergencies! Silk quality can vary and so decided upon trusted British brand, Rab. Chose mummy (rather than straight) hood as this mirrors the shape of hood to my main sleeping bag and they fit together well.

Pros: versatile, good strength to weight, own mini stuff sack fir separate storage (as emergency bag), raises 'season' rating of main sack by one without bulk of a bigger, heavier sleeping bagCons: fairly pricy, even for silk liners.

Rab Hooded Mummy Silk Liner Review, John, 05/27/2014

The quality of this item is excellent.I have previously bought inferior, cheaper equivalents.The difference is that this one can be used to stay warm even without a sleeping bag.I was initially sent the liner in cream which was not practical for outdoor use.Facewest immediately replaced but you may wish to specify a colour when placing your order.

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