Platypus Cleaning Kit


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Platypus Cleaning Kit

Platypus Cleaning Kit

The Platypus Cleaning Kit is, as the name suggests, a handy tool for cleaning your hydration bladder. It features a long, flexible brush with which you can clean your drinking tube and a shorter, stiffer brush with which to clean your bladder. If you're not always the most fastidious at storing your bladder emptied and dry then the Platypus Cleaning Kit is ideal for keeping the dreaded black mould at bay.

Customer Reviews of Platypus Cleaning Kit

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Platypus Cleaning Kit Review, SDB, 12/29/2010

A nice bit of kit for cleaning your hydration packs. Not just a gimmick, as if you don't clean your reservoir and just leave it sealed over the summer, mould will form inside and ruin it. This is a well made kit - the larger brush cleans the reservoir and the smaller brush goes right inside the tube to clean the areas you could never normally reach. You will need to remove the hose ends etc but it's a job worth doing to save buying a new hose and maybe even reservoir every year. Instead of buying this, if you are very careful you could leave your reservoir airing over the summer, but most people don't have the space or the inclination to do so, and if any mould or grime has formed this is a must buy.

Platypus Cleaning Kit Review, J.P., 09/23/2010

Great tool for keeping your reservoir and hose clean. Simple but effective, a necessity especially if you fill your reservoir occasionally with something else than plain water. Good price as well.

Platypus Cleaning Kit Review, Jonathan Inch, 10/01/2009
Does exactly what it's supposed to. As I have the big zip sl bladder I found I didn't need to use the larger brush, although I only ever use water so was happy to just let it air dry rather than clean it.
The tube brush went the full length of the tube, although I did have to remove the bite valve from the tube to get the brush down. Maybe there's an easier way that I've overlooked?
All in all a very useful product, only losing a mark because [a] the tube brush is so tight that at times it's difficult to force through the tube, and [b] the length of the brush handles makes them awkward to store, especially as the tube brush needs to be coiled a number of times. There is a handy little clip to secure the coils, but it's a bit of a faff all the same.
Very pleased that, by using my points for buying and writing reviews, I was able to get this for just over £4!

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